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Senior Taking Pill

Why Opioid Addiction is a Growing Concern for Seniors

Prescription-drug addiction is becoming more prevalent among seniors, a sign that more awareness about the dangers of opioid misuse is needed for this age demographic and their caretakers...

Should Seniors Get The Flu Shot?

During National Immunization Awareness Month, it’s important for seniors to learn the facts (and myths) about flu shots...

Alabama SenioRx Prescription Assistance Program

Not all money saving tips are beneficial. Splitting medications, postponing refills, not taking medications are money saving habits likely to cost you more down the road in terms of health and money.  The high price of medications forces many seniors to make these mistakes....

Did I Take My Pills This Morning?

Research shows that 30% of all hospital admissions age 65+ are directly caused by missed doses or overdoses of medication....

Medication Therapy Management

Learn more about Medication Therapy Management and the potential benefits it can yield for you or a loved one...

Is Medical Marijuana a Healthy Option for Senior Adults?

To help you consider medical marijuana for pain management, a new medicinal alternative to traditional pharmacology, here are a few fun facts and opinions...

5 Important Tips for Managing Your Medications

As we get older we often see an increase in the number of medications we take to stay healthy. It’s important that we take our medications as directed every day, however this can become difficult for many....


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