As we get older we often see an increase in the number of medications we take to stay healthy. It’s important that we take our medications as directed every day, however this can become difficult for many. The increase in the number of medications, along with the variety of over the counter vitamins and herbals available to us can make it very difficult to remember everything we need to about our medications. Here are five tips to help you better manage your medications.

  1. Know your medications – Do not take any medication without knowing what it is or why it’s being used to treat your condition. Read your prescription label as it contains useful information about your medication. Also pay attention to the color, shape, size of your medications, if you see anything unusual ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.
  2. Use one pharmacy – By selecting one pharmacy to use for all of your prescription needs the pharmacist can help protect you from potentially fatal drug errors, drug interactions, and serious side effects. In addition using a single pharmacy it allows the pharmacist to build a relationship with you providing for more personalized care.
  3. Ask for help – Your pharmacist is always there for you. Your pharmacist can help identify cost savings, help you find the right herbals and/or vitamins, and identify side affects you may be having from current medications.
  4. Develop a routine – Develop a medication routine that works for you. Knowing what your medications are is important but it’s also important to take them as directed and to avoid missing doses. You can use your own schedule (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to help you or you can use reminders and/or pill boxes to help you. Your pharmacist can help identify which method is best for you to ensure the best outcome.
  5. See your physician regularly – Each medication your doctor has prescribed is used to treat a particular condition. Seeing your physician on a regular basis ensures that your treatment is working and allows the physician to provide the best options to get you to therapeutic goal.  

Taking multiple medications can feel like a burden and become a difficult task for many to juggle with daily activities. By following the five tips listed above managing your medications and health can become easier for you. Remember that your pharmacist can play an important role in helping you manage your medications and stay healthy. If you have any questions about your medications or medical conditions please visit your local Food City Pharmacy and ask to speak to one of our highly trained Pharmacists.

Written by Food City on April 27th, 2014