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Asheville is one of the hidden gems in the United Sates.  Talk to anyone that has lived here or visited, and they will all rave about the great scenic views, the family-oriented community, and all the city has to offer.  Asheville is located just North West of Charlotte, and is a few hours away from other great American cities such as Knoxville and Chattanooga.   The metro area has a population of just under 450,000.  Ashville is a great city for anyone, but it has received claim especially regarding seniors.  It has been rated in the top 10 sunny places to retire as well as the #1 most popular city for retirement.  It is also known for its beer, free spirited people, and great Southern comfort food.  With weather that usually stays above 45 and under 90 degrees, it is the ideal climate for aging adults.  Add over two hundred sunny days a year, and there is no reason to stay indoors with all the great restaurants, museums, breweries, and most of all, the beautiful natural fauna that encompasses the city. 

Seniors would not flock to this great city if it did not offer adequate, and in this case, exceptional medical care.  It is easy to ride out the silver tsunami when you are reassured that your city can easily provide the care necessary for any situation.  Whether you are looking for an Active Retirement Home, optometrist, home care agencies, or elder law attorneys, Asheville has all of the resources necessary to tackle any problem.  Furthermore, the hospital systems in the area are all equipped with state of the art equipment and are located close enough in proximity to be hassle-free.  Mission Hospital and Asheville Specialty Hospital are both very well respected within the community.  Asheville is more expensive than the average city in America, so this is something to keep in mind.  But, if you can afford to retire here, we have no doubts you will enjoy the views, culture, community, and city. 

Asheville is also known as the Land in the Sky.  It has some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of the South, or East Coast, depending on your definition of the South.  Whether within city limits, or out in the country, this part of North Carolina is spectacular.  In and around the city you can see impressive and immaculate gardens such as the Biltmore Garden, Grovewood Village, and the botanical gardens.  Make sure to take a hike or walk through the expansive Craggy Gardens.  Google Asheville and outdoor activities and a multitude of fishing, hot air ballooning, and raft trips will immediately show up.  Asheville also has some fine golfing courses, and we would suggest a round at the Country Club of Asheville or Reems Creek Golf Club. 

Asheville is famous for its natural beauty, but it also has a lively beer and culinary tradition.  Everyone enjoys a nice meal and drink out once in a while, and few cities can offer the same temperament and quality as Asheville.  Asheville is known for its Southern comfort food, barbeque, and twist on Caribbean and Cajun influences.  Chestnut, the Admiral, and Moose Café are all great representatives of Southern cuisine.  Luckily Asheville offers fine dining as well as great cheap eats, and if you are looking for the latter, 12 Bones Steakhouse and Biscuit Head are great options.  Asheville has multiple breweries, but some of the most popular are Asheville Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing Company, and Wicked Weed Brewing Pub.  Stop by for a tour or a quick taste test for an easy day out.  The Land in the Sky is a dream for many seniors and hopefully now you can better understand why.

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