Provo-Orem has now surpassed Salt Lake City in population, and SLC is not catching up anytime soon. This is most likely because of the nice weather and homey feel. It lacks the downtown-ness of SLC, and lots of people appreciate not being in such an urban environment. Provo-Orem is also one of the most religiously observant places on earth. Many are true believers, and the biggest denomination, by far, is Mormonism (The Church of Latter-Day Saints).

"Provo-Orem" can be a confusing term. Technically speaking, it is a metropolis made up of two counties toward the top of Utah (neither of which is named either Provo or Orem!). Those counties are quite large, but where the two touch are the cities of Provo on one side, and Orem on the other. Once in Provo-Orem, it can be unclear which city you are in without using a map, so enmeshed are the two cities. So the practical way of using "Provo-Orem" is to signify the combined city.

Over the past two decades, Provo-Orem has undergone huge growth in population. This has been especially beneficial to the senior population. The number of assisted living facilities and home health care providers keeps rising. This adds to the number of senior centers, hospital, and clinics already around the city.

The cities have Utah Lake to the left, and the Wasatch Mountains to the right. This prime location opens up a wide range of fun activities like fishing, boating, hiking, and skiing. There is also the Provo River for fly-fishing and rafting trips. The Bridal Falls area offers great day-hikes and sight seeing.

Brigham Young University brings a lot of culture to the area. Beside their popular NCAA sports teams, BYU puts on a number of fine art productions. You can also tour some of its oldest buildings. The Orem Owlz are the local minor league baseball team in town, and the Covey Center for the Arts does plays and other live entertainment. There are the shops at Riverwoods, and a few other nice shopping areas. And if you like golf, there are a few golf courses in town, as well. Plus, there are lots of parks.

The Mormon temples in town are some of the busiest in the world. The Latter-Day Saints Missionary Training Center is in Provo-Orem, and brings lots of young missionaries through. America's Freedom Festival and the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival both happen once a year, drawing large crowds. And there is a "gallery stroll" every month, in the art district.

The weather spans a full range from hot to cold. The summers are usually in the 80's and the winters are in the 30's, but there are always extreme days on both sides.

Provo-Orem is a 45-minute drive south of SLC. Nevada is a few hours drive away, so gambling is close. And Utah has five of the best National Parks: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands. Plus, there is an airport in town, so friends and family are never far away.

Although many people consider Provo-Orem's religiousness a great quality, it is not for everyone. The area was basically founded by the early-Mormon leader Brigham Young and his followers (aside from the original native occupants). Today, Provo-Orem is very much a Mormon place, and there is not a lot of diversity. But if that does not turn you off, go check out why this little-known spot in Utah is one of the best places to retire.