Little needs to be said about New York City. Choose a landmark, or a borough, or an activity, and you will find exactly what you are looking for. Seniors have such vast options of both entertainment and healthcare needs in the Big Apple. One needs only to search quickly for Senior Centers, Ambulance Transportation, Disease Specific Organizations, or Hospitals to find exactly what they are in search of.

Activities for Seniors in New York City

The Big Apple has such an abundance of activities, it’s almost hard to specify what to choose from. Although densely populated, and with a price range that is at the top of the market, this is an excellent place to spend our retirement years.

Little needs to be said about the cultural and entertainment aspects of New York City. Visit cultural iconic areas, like the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. Take a stroll through the Museum of Natural History. Take time to see exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art including Greek and Roman Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, or any of the internationally renowned rotating exhibits. Get away from the hustle of the city by stepping into Central Park and enjoy the natural surroundings. Choose your poison by enjoying a Yankees or Mets game. Visit iconic delicatessens, enjoy New York pizza, or simply find international cuisine of any type you desire. In New York the city is your oyster and the options are nearly endless.

Geriatric Healthcare in New York City

Aging in a city such as New York might be intimidating to most. However, the care and service providers are as world class as the city itself. Enjoy world class health systems like Mt Sinai, and New York Presbyterian, with large ambulatory transportation footprints and specialty hospitals. Find care and service providers such as Mental Health Services, Retirement Pre-planning, Veteran Services, as well as multiple Agencies on Aging. To the left, on this page, is a directory of over 50 categories of services for seniors in the New York metro area. Also, for rates and services of specific provides, please call one of our FREE Care Advisors at 1-800-955-8510

New York City is a one of a kind place to retire. The options are endless and the opportunities are only limited by your imagination. As a place for you or your loved one to spend their aging years, rest assured that your care needs will be taken care of.