he second largest city and state capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge embraces cajun and creole influences, among others. With accessibility to historical museums such as the USS Kidd, Old

Arsenal Museum and Old State Capitol Museum, senior citizens living in Baton Rouge enjoy a plethora of local entertainment. Whether your an aging adult looking  for a retirement home or assisted living facility in this old French city, or are a Baton Rouge native who needs assistance in your home,  we can connect you to the resources you are looking for. To the left is a directory of over 50 categories of local senior services, or please  contact one of our FREE Care Counselors at 1-800-955-510.

Louisiana is a great place to live for people of all ages, however the city known as “Rid Stick” boasts many reasons why it might claim victory as Louisiana’s best city to retire. For starters, the cost of living in Baton Rouge is relatively low compared to New Orleans, yet with a metro area of roughly over 850,000 residents, you still get that “big city” feel. Keeping costs low is very important for seniors, especially retirees who tend to live on a fixed monthly income. And sure, Baton Rouge will always, and should always, preserve its swamp culture, but in the last decade has emerged a booming restaurant and bar scene that uniquely blends Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun traditions with modern influences. Head down to Government Street, Perkins Road, or College drive for some of the best food in the state. Watch an LSU football and basketball game, visit Louisiana’s Old State Capitol building, or even gamble at one of the several casinos in the area.