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Everybody knows Louisville, KY! It is the home of the Louisville Slugger (the famous baseball bat manufacturer), and the Kentucky Derby. However, what only a small, growing population knows, is what a great place Louisville is to retire. Whether you are new to the retirement game, or are you are in need of assistance though home health organizations and assisted living communities, Louisville has got you covered. And by the way, it is pronounced "loo-a-vul."

Care is readily available. Louisville has fast growing network of home health providers and assisted living communities. There are lots hospitals and urgent care clinics throughout the city in case of emergencies, as well as lots of specialists and rehabilitation centers for recovering.

Churchill Downs is the famous thoroughbred-racing track for the Kentucky Derby, and is open for tours, as is the Louisville Slugger Factory. There is the Kentucky State Fair that coincides with the Derby, and there are other fairs throughout the year. Riverboats still line the North West edge of the city, and have now been converted into shopping areas and restaurants. If you are interested in museums, there are the Muhammad Ali Center and Amphitheater, and the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Library; as well as several art museums and performing arts theaters. Louisville has over 100 parks available for your leisure, and it has even been called one of the safest big cities in America. College sports are big in Louisville, so sports fans will feel at home here. Whiskey is a big deal in Louisville. In fact about 1/3rd of ALL bourbon comes from here, and distillery tours are available all around the city. As far as travel goes, directly across the Ohio River is Indiana, 80 miles away is Lexington, 100 miles away is Cincinnati, 115 miles away is Indianapolis, and 270 miles away is Chicago.

During the 1800's Louisville grew as a port city along the Ohio River. In fact, it was a swamp before that, and needed to be drained. The city's infrastructure is relatively new to its history. This is because of a flood almost 100 years ago. But do not worry; Louisville's flood days are long gone. Modern floodwalls have been erected to prevent any danger in the future. A consideration to think about before moving here is the weather. Louisville is consistently humid and rainy, and the summers and winters have extreme temperatures. But, like anywhere else: indoors always has the perfect temperature, and in Louisville you can easily find relief anywhere.

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