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Charleston is one of the oldest cities in America, and is known for exquisite architecture, delicious restaurants and southern hospitality. We take pride in connecting seniors in Charleston with vital services and resources.  We can help seniors and their families in the Charleston area find Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Retirement communities, Homecare Agencies, Hospices, and over 50 categories of other services that cater to seniors in Charleston.  Unfortunately, when making important life decisions there is often conflicting, outdated, or simply wrong information that causes a lot of confusion for families. We are proud to offer a FREE HelpLine where Aging Adults and their families can talk to a Family Care Advisor about finding resources in Charleston. Please feel free to contact us today by calling 1-800-955-8510. 

Charleston is known as one of the most beautiful historic cities in the South.  While other cities have historic sections of cities, Charleston makes you feel like the whole city has been preserved.  Street after street extend throughout the Charleston peninsula, taking us back in time with their architecture, most notably through the styles of Georgia, Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian.  Charleston has been evolving for almost as along as the United States itself, founded in 1670.  Many history buffs, especially for the Civil War, will be in heaven here.  In fact, the Civil War started right outside of Charleston, at Fort Sumter, a short drive away.  The city has many more quirks and reasons to retire here than just the décor and history.  Charleston is a fun and booming city, and has even been rated in the top 25 cities to retire in by Forbes (magazines).  Bill Murray also owns a minor-league baseball team that is based out of the city, for a fun night out.  College and high school football are part of this city’s identity, but it is also a great hub for those practicing sports and outdoor enthusiasts.  The weather allows hobbies to flourish, with temperatures warm enough year-round to promote any activity.  Golf, fishing, gardening, tennis, and swimming are some of many activities aging adults can easily accommodate in with the weather.  Finally, the food is the perfect medley of Southern home cooking, barbeque, and fresh seafood.  Oh yeah, have we mentioned it’s on the coast too?!  Lazy walks along the beach can never hurt.

Besides all the general attractions, Charleston has great medical and care infrastructure for elder adults.  It has any type of senior care provider one could need all conveniently located within the city.  No need to fly anywhere for treatment, or worry that you will have to move down the road.  Though there is an international airport, if needed.  Charleston is a one-stop-shop that can reduce the stress on seniors and their families when planning for the future.  The Medical University of South Carolina is also here, and has held a high level of excellence since it was founded in 1824.  Roper Hospital and Bon Secours St. Francis are also top notch hospitals that can ensure specialists in any field are always close to home.  Charleston is a little bit more expensive than some other cities in America, but it does have tax breaks specifically for seniors, and South Carolina was ranked the 9th tax-friendliest state for retirees.  So, while it may not be the cheapest city to retire in, it is certainly a city many fall in love with.

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