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For over 14 years, the Chattanooga Senior Directory has been honored to assist boomers and seniors in finding local senior care and services.  In order to be as helpful as possible, we update the information in both our printed directory and website every six months to remain as accurate as possible. It is our mission to help seniors find the resources they need to improve their quality of life and live as healthy as possible in their golden years.  Chattanooga Senior Directory

Where can you find the Chattanooga Senior Directory? Be sure to look for our digest size directory at any Food City pharmacy, senior center, the Area Agency on Aging and Disability, plus hundreds of other locations throughout Greater Chattanooga and North Georgia.  You can also order a copy, which we will mail to your doorstep.  

Our easy-to-use website is designed for you to find local resources such as assisted living, nursing homes, home care, elder law, reverse mortgage lenders, and over 50 additional categories of resources.  We also list monthly events on our Community Calendar such as support groups, senior expos, networking meetings, etc.  Explore our Articles Page to stay informed on health tips, Medicare updates, retirement planning strategies, and much more!

According to the US Census Bureau, as of 2018, the population in Chattanooga proper is 180,557 people.  The greater metro area, including nearby surrounding counties and North Georgia is 528,000.  The senior citizen population rests at 16.2 percent, totaling approximately 85K senior citizens living in greater Chattanooga. 

"The Scenic City" truly deserves this nickname.  It lies on the Tennessee River, at the intersection of the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau.  It represents one of the most picturesque quaint Southern cities.  Chattanooga is ideal for retirees wishing to remain active and enjoy the great outdoors.  It is renowned for Lookout Mountain and Rock City, but is also home to the Raccoon Mountain Caverns, Enterprise South National Park, Audubon Acres and Maclellan Island, and North Chickamauga Creek. There are also a number of wonderful hikes for senior citizens near Chattanooga.

Seniors living in Chattanooga often enjoy attractions such as the Hunter Museum of Art, the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, and the Chattanooga Zoo, but that only scratches the surface of the entertainment that abound in this quaint southern city.  Chattanooga is also known for its art culture that permeates throughout the city.  Take a walk through downtown to revel in the magnificence of its many art galleries and unique style. 

Chattanooga is centrally located about 120 miles from Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville, Huntsville and Birmingham.  This makes it great for many aging adults to spend their golden years travelling around the South and seeing these historic cities.  It is also great for senior care and medical providers.  Even though Chattanooga has its own great infrastructure for senior care providers, these other cities guarantee that a specialist is no further than a 2-hour drive away.  It also grants seniors more freedom in both their choice of physician as well as form of treatment for anything life may through at them. 

Chattanooga is also a great city for retirees because it is cheaper than the average cost of living in America, by a fair amount as well.  Housing is especially affordable in Chattanooga, so it is a great place to downsize and move to for many seniors wondering where to relax.  The affordable housing, breathtaking interconnectedness with nature, and proximity to 5 major cities is enticing for many seniors riding out the silver tsunami.

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