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Wisconsin is a unique state, big on football, cheese, beer, the outdoors, and understanding the cold weather.  Living in a place that reaches negative 30 degrees creates a certain bond that others cannot understand.  Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, but it maintains that feeling of a smaller town.  Including the nearby suburbs, it is home to roughly 570,000 people.  The University of Wisconsin is a big part of the city, and has illuminated Madison to the world. 

Madison is a great place for seniors to retire. The best thing about Madison for most seniors is the low cost of living and accessible senior care providers.  Retirees here have the option between choosing a physician at either SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, UW Hospitals and Clinics, or University Hospital.  All of these are esteemed hospitals, but it is nice to have options and second opinions, especially regarding something as important as one’s health.  Besides the hospitals, Madison can guarantee access to other necessary senior care services for aging adults.  Whether you need help moving, seeing an optometrist, or finding the right provider for assisted living, Madison has you covered.  Madison is known as Madtown, and there is only one way to discover what all the rage and fuss is about.  More and more people are choosing to call this home for retirement because of the culture, community, access to health care, and affordable living.  

Madison is not too hot or humid and this affords some of the best outdoor experiences in the United States, with exceptional parks such as Tenney Park, Vilas Park, and Warner Park.  These are great for exercise, picnics, or just somewhere to pass the time.  If you are looking for a more adventurous expedition, Lake Monona, Ice Age National Scenic Trail, and Owen’s Conservation Park offer some peaceful recluse.

Wisconsin in general, and Madison in particular, offer some great and unique culinary aspects.  As we all know, Wisconsin is renowned for its cheese.  Where there is good milk for cheese, there are intuitively also great ranches and farms, which is a great way to spend the afternoon with the grandchildren.  Wisconsin also has some of the best beef in the whole nation.  The Old Fashioned and L’Etoile are some upscale restaurants that establish the cuisine that is popular here.  Luckily, there are many hole in the wall diners here and we would suggest the Paradise Lounge, Good Food, and Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry.  

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