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The Dangers of Pressure Sores Among Nursing Home Residents

Does your elderly loved one live in a nursing home? If so, you really should know about the dangers of pressure sores...

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Calcium Foods

The Dangers of Calcium Deficiency in Senior Citizens

As we get older, calcium is one of the most vital nutrients for healthy bones and preventing muscle weakness that’s associated with aging. Find out why calcium deficiency is detrimental and what you can do to prevent it...


Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Nursing Homes?

In states where medical marijuana is legal, shouldn’t senior citizens living in nursing homes be able to use it, just like every other resident of that state? Unfortunately, the answer is “It depends.” Watch Alan Horowitz, Esq. discuss why...

Bird Watching for Seniors

Bird Watching: A Hobby with Benefits for Seniors

Watching birds makes you feel young-at-heart and helps your mind be clear and focused, like a fine pair of binoculars!  Learn more about the benefits of bird watching for senior citizens...

Woman Providing Care to Husband

Consent or Rape? The Dementia Dilemma…

What happens when somebody has dementia and it is not certain whether they have the capacity to consent to sexual activity?  With over two decades of experience in healthcare law, this is the question we have asked Alan C. Horowitz, Esq. to tackle...


Nutritional Support Tips for Bone Health

Building bone is a complex function involving many components. Included here are only a few of numerous nutritional factors, but they are significant ones.  Being aware of them will assist in making good dietary choices...


Common Allergies in Alabama Affecting Senior Citizens

As Alabamans experience seasonal changes, we also must be prepared for the allergies that come with them. Knowing what types of allergies occur as the seasons change is essential to understanding how to treat their subsequent symptoms...

Attracting Birds: The Upside of Downsizing

Even if you find yourself living in a smaller house, or in an apartment or condo, there are many things that you can do to attract a variety of birds to your smaller yard, balcony, or porch...

Best Handicap Accessible Sites in Birmingham Alabama

Suffering from mobility restrictions shouldn't stop you or a loved one from enjoying all that Birmingham has to offer.  Here are some of the best handicap accessible sites in Birmingham, Alabama...

Knee Pain

CBD May Help Reduce Inflammation

Battling temporary inflammation is very difficult for many seniors. Did you know that CBD may actually help you battle it more easily? Learn more here...

What You Need to Know About Direct Cremation?

Unlike the traditional burial services, direct cremation requires the deceased to be transported directly to the crematorium without funeral services or viewing. Learn more about direct cremation here...

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