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Senior Taking Pill

Why Opioid Addiction is a Growing Concern for Seniors

Prescription-drug addiction is becoming more prevalent among seniors, a sign that more awareness about the dangers of opioid misuse is needed for this age demographic and their caretakers...

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Senior Citizens’ Mental Health Can Benefit from Owning A Cat

One in four seniors aged 65 and over have a mental health condition. Research has found that by introducing a pet cat into your home, the clinical symptoms of these conditions will diminish and your mental health will flourish...


Avoiding Arthritis Pain During Cold Weather

If you find yourself struggling with arthritis flare-ups during cold weather, don’t miss this essential list of helpful tips to manage (and prevent) symptoms...

Senior Exercising

Five Easy Exercise Modifications for Seniors

It’s important to remember that regular exercise is a recommendation for all adults, include seniors.  Explained below are five easy exercise modifications that will help you do the workouts you used to love without fear of pain or injury...


Improve Your Brain Health in Your Golden Years: Fall Foods and Activities

The number of neurons in the brain decreases as we age, which can result in memory loss, mild brain fog, and other conditions later in life.  Let’s see how a simple activity like hiking and the right snacks can improve your brain health...

Sleeping on Couch

Why Are Sleep Problems So Common Among Seniors?

Around half of all seniors have some sort of sleeping difficulty, which ultimately can have serious consequences for their health.  Seniors should be aware of the importance of sleep, taking steps to adopt better sleep hygiene measures...

Knee Pain

Why is CBD on Rise Among Senior Citizens?

Do you suffer from daily joint pain and discomfort? If so, CBD may be the solution you have been waiting for.  If you are an older adult, here are some ways CBD can improve your quality of life...

Muscle Pain

A Senior’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tears are highly common among senior citizens. Read on to learn more about preventing and treating this common injury...


6 Ways to Raise Money for the Elderly

Society is changing, and older adults are finding themselves alone. For that reason, providing financial will help cater their needs. Let us take a look at some fundraising ideas for the elderly...


Understanding Fatigue in COPD Patients

Fatigue, along with other COPD symptoms, often exhaust a person’s strength and energy, and worse, may even affect one’s emotional health.  Learn here how you can successfully manage fatigue despite COPD and get back to a more enjoyable life...

Travel Map

Adventure Travel After 65 – What to Consider?

With more time on their hands, by following these several tips, senior citizens can cross off places on their bucket list during retirement...

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