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Free Brain Games for Senior Citizens

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what can we do to nourish our minds? These brain games for seniors will keep you alert and your brain on its toes—all while being entertaining...

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1960's movies

14 Best Films of the 1960’s

Here is Senior Directory's best 14 movies of the 1960's. I wonder what order your cinematic tastes would put them in.  And if for one day you could be one character, in one of the movies listed... which character would you choose...

Best Films 1950s

13 Best Films of the 1950’s

We have listed our 13 top films of the 1950's. Can you guess what our number one is? What are some of your favorites, Dear Reader...

Record Player

7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Recent Retirees

An unexpected gift lets someone know they are a special consideration in your life. For recent retirees, receiving a gift can mean the world! Here are 7 wonderful gift ideas that might inspire you...

Dogs in Bed

4 Ways Pets Can Be Therapeutic for Senior Citizens

Pets are wonderful companions that brighten our world and provide joy to life. But did you know they can be therapeutic, as well? Here are 4 ways that pets can be therapeutic for senior citizens...

Marcy Ainbinder

Contingency Plan for a Solo Full-Time Caregiver

Aaron Ainbinder, author of “Just Before the Stroke of Seven”, elaborates why a contingency plan is important for all caregivers, especially those performing solo, full-time caregiving for an elderly loved one...

Delivery Guy

Best Delivery Services in Knoxville

Whether you need groceries, medications, or even entertainment, here is a list of the best delivery services in Knoxville - available to you, at your convenience...

Home Care is Bridging the Gap of Loneliness Amid Covid-19

For senior citizens, the heartbreaking reality of social isolation is anything but novel. Upon interviewing numerous home health agencies, here are several strategies being implemented to provide support for social isolated seniors during Covid-19...

The Pros and Cons of Solo, Full-Time Caregiving

Aaron Ainbinder, author of “Just Before the Stroke of Seven”, discusses the pros and cons of solo, full-time caregiving, as he performed for his mother for 5+ years...

Guide to Hosting and Attending an Online Memorial or Virtual Funeral

How to create online memorials and host virtual funerals to honor lost loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.  To compound the pain of losing a loved one, Covid-19 social distancing requirements are preventing people from coming together to grieve in traditional ways. Rather...


No Traffic… and Other Things I Enjoy About Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been awful, let’s not downplay that. But in life it's important to be optimistic about the future and enjoy the silver lining. Here are some things enjoyable about coronavirus...

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