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Best Chair Exercises for Seniors

For anyone who is a senior citizen and might have mobility issues and/or restrictions, these exercises are for you. Watch this informative video on the best chair exercises for seniors...

Back Pain Relief

Three Back Pain Relief Exercises For Seniors

Back pain is a leading factor in seniors choosing to live a sedentary life.  Doing some basic and relatively simple exercises, and doing them daily, can help alleviate a lot of back pain. Here are three outlined by Dr. Michael Kaspin...

Balance Exercises

3 Daily Balance Exercises for Senior Citizens

Balance is essential for seniors. Without it, a fall or a strain could lead to a painful disability, or worse! Watch this informative video on 3 balance exercises that every senior should perform daily...

4 Health Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Seniors

An interesting thing happens when seniors commit to practicing daily breathing exercises… their health improves, and not just in one area, but multiple.  Below are some details on four important health benefits derived from daily breathing exercises...

Senior Exercising

Why Baby Boomers with Chronic Illness Should Still Exercise

Retired seniors may have more time to pursue your interests, but they are also more likely to have chronic illnesses that may be barriers to activity. Thankfully, there are still ways to stay active and maximize your health even if you suffer from a chronic pain conditions...

Senior Exercising

Five Easy Exercise Modifications for Seniors

It’s important to remember that regular exercise is a recommendation for all adults, include seniors.  Explained below are five easy exercise modifications that will help you do the workouts you used to love without fear of pain or injury...

Fitness For Elderly

5 Spring Health and Fitness Tips for Seniors

Don’t miss this quick guide to spring-inspired exercise ideas for seniors as well as quick health and fitness tips to remember...

Five Reasons Routine Exercise Is Great For More Than Just Weight Management

Exercise provides seniors with too many benefits for to be skipping out on it!  Listed below are five reasons that every senior should be exercising regularly...

The Best and Worst Resistance Training Exercises for Seniors

Resistance training provides a number of benefits for seniors, but there are certain exercises that are better than others...

Fitness for Seniors

Tips on Keeping Fit and Having Fun in Your Golden Years

People who reach their golden years are often faced with problems such as how to keep fit or how to keep their mind and body young despite their age...

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