Are sunnier days and warmer temperatures reinvigorating your zest for outdoor fitness? Spring is the perfect time to get outside and exercise! Don’t miss this quick guide to spring-inspired exercise ideas for seniors as well as quick health and fitness tips to remember:

Try Something New! Spring is the season of rebirth and rejuvenation so let it inspire you to step outside the box and try something new. When it comes to outdoor exercise for seniors, the ideas are plentiful:

  • Go swimming at a natural spring or watering hole
  • Take a bike ride with friends
  • Go hiking or camping
  • Get your jig on by dancing - Zumba, square dancing, you name it!
  • Throw a frisbee or fly kites in the park with your grandkids
  • Garden at home or pitch in at a community garden
  • Participate in a charity walk-a-thon
  • Volunteer at a river or park clean-up
  • Take an outdoor yoga class
  • Try a new water sport like paddle boarding or kayaking

Stay Hydrated! Decreased fluid intake and even a diminished sense of thirst are commonly exhibited by older adults due to physiological changes which accompany aging. When you’re out and about taking part in spring activities, however, it is critical to stay hydrated and replace fluids you lose through sweating.

Seniors should try and carry a reusable water bottle around with them when possible, or set reminders on your smartphone or clock, even when you’re at home so you are alerted to stay on top of your hydration. Eating water-rich fruits and veggies like cucumbers, spinach, and watermelon can also help you get enough fluids throughout the day.

Protect Your Skin! More sun exposure can be great as your body converts sun rays into vitamin D, however, UV radiation can also increase your risk for developing skin cancer. Did you know that the average age at which someone is diagnosed with skin cancer is actually 63?

With so many seniors at risk of developing melanoma, it’s critical to follow sun protection guidelines. Apply sunscreen with an SPF 30+ to your body when spending time outdoors; and wear protective clothing and accessories like long-sleeve shirts, hats, and sunglasses. Remember to stick with light, breathable materials like cotton that won’t overheat you.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet! Don’t let your health fall victim to a disorganized medicine closet. Devote some spring cleaning time to this commonly messy area and clean out empty boxes and bottles, expired medicines, and old prescriptions you no longer use. Remove any personal information and recycle what you can, and make sure to follow the directions on packages for properly disposing of medicine in the trash or down the toilet. 

There may even be a drug take-back event coming up near you, click here for more information.

Go to School! You don’t literally need to go to school; but getting educated about senior health this spring could put you a step ahead for the rest of the year. Did you know that 25% of seniors have diabetes? Or that new blood pressure guidelines could change how you approach managing high blood pressure? 

The conversation is constantly evolving as advancements in research and healthcare reveal new and helpful insights into senior health. Learning a little bit about how aging increases your risk for certain conditions could equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to prevent things like cognitive decline, heart disease, and mobility problems down the line.