Retirees, are you looking for a place to wind down and call home in your golden years? Look no further than Milwaukee, Wisconsin – a city jam packed with entertainment and activities, great outdoors, professional sports team, and wonderful senior care.

Milwaukee is filled with fun things to do. Sailing Lake Michigan is a fun activity for people that love to fish and be out on the water. There are historical districts that have been well preserved as well as great architecture, like the Greek Orthodox Church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Al Capone was a regular in the city during Prohibition, and some of his old hangouts have been preserved. You can also tour a handful of neat little factories that were operational a hundred years ago. The city is very walk-able, and there are festivals regularly scheduled throughout the year. The Harley-Davidson Museum is in town, as well as loads of art, science, and historic museums. Milwaukee offers live entertainment at the Northern Lights Theater, South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, four theaters in the Marcus Center, and many other play houses.

The city known as “A Great Place on a Lake” features several world famous hospitals. The Milwaukee Regional Complex is a consortium of 6 health care organizations, located on the west side of town. The complex is huge, and provides health care to hundreds of thousands of Milwaukeeans. There are several rehabilitation hospitals in town for seniors recovering from surgery, and many other, smaller clinics too. The home health care providers are well established, and have built up good names for themselves. Alzheimer's memory care is available at a number of nursing homes, and an assortium of assisted living communities available for move in, welcoming residents from all income levels.

Milwaukee has many local breweries Miller Brewing Company is the last remaining beer giant in town, with tours are available year-round, and at dozens of smaller breweries, as well. Sports fans have direct access to the Milwaukee Bucks and the Milwaukee Brewers. The Packers no longer play half their home games in town, but you can still make the drive up to Green Bay to see some good football. Or you can enjoy any of the minor league sports in town, like soccer, hockey, or rugby.

If you are thinking about moving to Milwaukee, but are worried about being stuck in the Midwest with no quick vacation destinations available, think again! Milwaukee, like Chicago just below it, was built to be a major transportation and freight hub. So there are well-established bus, train, and motorcar routes in every direction. Within a couple hours' drive of Milwaukee are Madison to the west, Green Bay to the north, and Chicago to the south. Since the city sits on Lake Michigan, boating trips are easily made. The Great Lakes Waterway allows easy transference between all five lakes, so you can travel to many of the states and Canadian provinces just by water. Milwaukee also features one of the largest airports in the US, General Mitchell International Airport, where direct flights are always available.

Milwaukee has a humid climate that can cause weather patterns to change quickly from day to day. The winters can get pretty cold, but the climate is great for people that grew up in chilly environments and for those that love a good, snowy morning.