Nashville is known to many as Music City, U.S.A., but this city offers much more than just music. It is the biggest city in all of Tennessee, with the total metro population coming in at just over 1.8  million people. Nashville is

renowned for its colleges and universities, publishing, and healthcare. This can be an important factor for many aging adults facing the age-long question of where should I retire? For many seniors worried about future health issues, or seniors that are already dealing with a preexisting condition, Nashville could be the Holy Land. Nashville has nearly 400 different health care company operations based centrally from this city, employing more than 126,000 people in the health care business. That is nearly 1 in 15 people working in some form of health care in the city alone. Nashville has all the senior care providers and services that one could ask for. Whether you are looking for Adult Day Cares, Continuum of Care Facilities, or even just help with Estate Planning and a will, Nashville has all of these conveniently covered. With over 15 hospitals or medical centers located in the city itself, finding a specialist in any field should be possible.

Besides being one of the leaders in healthcare nationally and internationally, Nashville is a beautiful city with its own unique culture, attractions, and cuisine. Nashville is full to the brim with historic sites and museums to visit, and the list could take pages. Some of the most interesting are a full-scale replication of the Pantheon, the Rayman Auditorium, the Belle Meade Plantation, and Belmont Mansion. Some of their most famous museums include the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. Nashville is located right on the Cumberland River, and is full of beautiful parks and lakes in which one can stroll, picnic, or even just relax and people-watch. Some of the most famous parks include Radnor Lake State Park, Centennial Park, and Edwin and Percy Warner Park. Nashville is also home to Vanderbilt and Tennessee State University, so College football is of course big in this city. The Tennessee Titans also call this home, so prepare for some football packed weekends. Southern Soul Food is the staple here, and it is home to some of the best restaurants in this genre. Some must try restaurants are Arnold’s Country Kitchen, Etch Restaurant, and Butcher and Bee.

Nashville also has great weather that is enticing for many retirees wishing to avoid the cold and enjoy the sunshine. Nashville gets over 240 sunny days a year, with only seven inches of snow total in the winter. Usually the temperatures do not drop below 30 in the winter and rarely exceed 90 in the summer. The temperature during the day is usually between 50 and 80 degrees depending on the season. Nashville on average is cheaper to live in than other parts of the country. The one thing that is more expensive in Nashville is owning a home, but not by much. Rent is cheaper than average though, so renting may be the way to go in this city. This is perfect for seniors that are looking for some form of assisted living. For many aging adults wondering how to spend their golden years, Nashville is enticing because of the great healthcare systems, unique culture of the city, and affordable living in a city with great weather.

Testimonials to Julie and Senior Directory - Nashville

Thanks Julie, I honestly get more calls from being in your book than anything I've ever done in about 10 years. I will keep advertising. ~David, StaffCo/At Home Healthcare

Julie, I just thought I would let you know how important the Senior Directories are to people. I was over to a new client's home Monday and she had one of the Senior Directories in her hand as we were talking. She mentioned how important it was to her to have it as a guide to services in the area. We started providing services today. Thank you for the help you give so many health care providers like Amada Senior Care. ~Bob, Amada Franchise Inc.

Julie, The Senior Directory offers valuable information for older adults and their caregivers. It is so helpful to have such a broad range of detailed information available in this one guide. FiftyForward staff use the directory for FiftyForward Care Team assessments and to assist with referrals to community resources and services. We refer back to it time and time again. ~Gretchen, FiftyForward Senior Centers

As an inpatient acute care Case Manager; I find the Senior Directory valuable to assist families with resources for discharge planning. The other Case Managers and the Social Workers use these books not only for families and patients but for our research of resources. The Senior Directory is a commodity for any Case Manager. Thank you for being available. ~Kathern, HCA Centennial and Middle Tennessee CMSA

TriStar Summit Medical Center LOVES the Senior Directory guide. Case Management gives every patient over the age of 65 a copy. There are tons of resources to help patients with home needs and our patients & family members find it very helpful!!! ~Stacey, TriStar Summit Medical Center

Without the Senior Directory my families would not have any idea how to find the resources that were needed. Nashville is very lucky to have this resource! ~Nancy, Mental Health America of Middle Tennessee.