Nestled in the majestic vistas of the Smoky Mountain National Park, Knoxville, for many seniors, is the ideal place to retire. Inaugurated in 1794, Knoxville residents are proud to

wave their orange flags in honor of the University of Tennessee - one of the oldest universities in the Nation and centrally located in the heart of the city. A city with strong family roots, many seniors in Knoxville choose to remain at home and are consequently in need of either medical home care and/or non-medical home care. For those looking for retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation facilities, there many excellent choices thorughout Northern Tenneseee. To the left is a directory with over 50 categories of services and resources for aging adults. If you are having trouble navigating the complex senior healthcare industry, please call one of our FREE Care Advisors at 1-800-955-8510.

Knoxville has been one of the fastest growing cities in the South since the railroad connected the city with the rest of the country in the 1850s. Since then, it has been a leader in the manufacturing business and has been a hub for new businesses testing themselves in the entrepreneurial market. Now, it is often listed as one of the best and most affordable cities to live in. In 2011, Kiplinger ranked it #5 on the list of best value cities. Forbes ranked it in the top 10 metropolitan cities. Knoxville has one of the most affordable costs of living, being on average 20% cheaper to live here than the average across the nation. This is due largely to the fact that it has great pricing on housing. This is perfect for aging adults that are looking for a place to settle down and retire.

Knoxville may be one of the most affordable metropolitans to live in, but it does not skimp you with things to do. Located at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, it has amazing views, trails, and rivers and lakes to explore. Ijams Nature Center, Fort Dickerson Park, Sharp Ridges Memorial Park, and Forks of the River Wildlife National Reserve are just a few of the many possibilities. The culture in Knoxville is also very unique, and they are proud of their Volunteers. Knoxville also has a lot of history, as most of the South does, and they have some truly unique gems. Market Square is a great place to shop and get a feel for this old city. James White Fort, the Historic Ramsey House, and the Mabry Hazen House are some of the most popular attractions. Finally, like most big cities in the South, the food is exquisite. The Lonesome Dove, Brazeiros, and the French Market represent the diversity of cuisine that has culminated here.