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Los Angeles is not considered one of America's most desired retirement destination, and unlike Phoenix and South Florida, senior citizens from all corners of the nation are not rushing to sell their homes and relocate to Southern California during their golden years.  Futhermore, Los Angeles is expensive and the cost of living is high, and because most retirees live off a fixed income, this presents inherent challenges. That being said, the City of Angeles still might be America's best kept secret when it comes to retirement.

It is no secret that as we age we require increased healthcare.  When choosing a city to retire, it is critical to consider both the quality and availability of the senior healthcare providers in the area.  Los Angeles has three of the nation's top hospitals when it comes to geriatric care - UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and University of California Medical Center.  There are also thousands of senior care providers ranging from senior housing communities, elder law attorneys, home health agencies, etc.  The sheer quantity of providers allows you to pick services based off of need and location; whereas many cities can address your needs but not necessarily in your location.    

As the second most populated city in the United States and one of the largest metro areas in the entire world, Los Angeles is a city with endless activities and entertainment.  Too often, retirees tend to find themselves with too much free time and not enough to do.  In Los Angeles, however, the opposite is true, as there simply are not enough days in a lifetime to mark off the infinite checklist of leisurely activities to see and do.  Just to name a few: Universal Studios, Hollywood Blvd, The Getty Center, Disney Land, Dodger Stadium, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Sunset Blvd, and Disney World.  Not to mention, fantastic beaches such as Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Venice Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Malibu.  

With an annual temperature of 72 degrees, Los Angeles's dry, subtropical Mediterranean climate is perfect for seniors who want stay out of the cold while also not move to the scorching heat.   The best word to describe LA's landscape is diverse  - with retirement options available on beachfront property, the heart of downtown, the quiet suburbs, on the Malibu hills, or deep in the Valley.  Where else in America can you find the beach, mountains, and dozens of unique neighborhoods all in one city?

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