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Healthy Recipes to Boost Immune System

Eating healthy, vitamin rich foods will boost your immune system, it's that simple! Here at Senior Directory we came up with a handful of recipes we think you will enjoy, while also giving you an immune system boost...

Immune System

5 Tips for Seniors to Boost Immune System

Here are 5 important tips for seniors to boost their immune system...


Improve Your Brain Health in Your Golden Years: Fall Foods and Activities

The number of neurons in the brain decreases as we age, which can result in memory loss, mild brain fog, and other conditions later in life.  Let’s see how a simple activity like hiking and the right snacks can improve your brain health...


10 Foods to Help Seniors Fight Depression

In addition to contributing factors like social isolation, a loss of independence, or a lack of mobility, did you know diet can play an important role in senior depression...


10 Tips for Senior Citizens to Improve Their Diet

Like many bad habits, eating a poor diet can be a hard practice to break.  Don’t miss this quick guide to improving your diet in 10 small steps...


6 Summer Nutrition Tips and Ideas for Seniors

Whether you’re looking to trim down for your upcoming beach trip or on the flipside, ensure you don’t lose too much weight as you get older, don’t miss these helpful summer nutrition reminders and healthy meal ideas for seniors...

Weight Loss

Five Simple Weight Loss Tips for Seniors

Seniors do face some added challenges when it comes to losing weight, but it’s definitely not impossible -- just make sure you keep these five tips in mind...


Five Healthy Habits Every Senior Should Adopt

It’s never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle. Listed below are five healthy habits that all seniors should adopt in order to get the most out of their golden years...


Top Five Superfoods for Seniors that can be Gamechangers

If are not sure which are the five best superfoods for you or your beloved senior, don’t miss out these amazingly powerful foods that can have a significant impact on the overall health...

Elderly Nutrition Tips for Caregiving Families

Elderly nutrition differs from nutrition in young people. The amount of some nutrients may need to be increased as a person ages...

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