NutsThe number of neurons in the brain decreases as we age, which can result in memory loss, mild brain fog, and other conditions later in life. While some of the conditions are more serious than others, a lower cognitive function is a natural sign of aging, which shouldn’t cause much worry. However, it is important to take care of your brain through a nutritious diet and regular exercise. So, let’s see how a simple activity like hiking and the right snacks can improve your brain health.

Why take up hiking this fall?

Regular short hikes have proven to improve short-term memory by 20%. The reason behind this? Scientists found that the human brain “lets off steam” in nature more efficiently, which in turn helps restore its regular functions. Furthermore, hiking contributes to better blood flow, which naturally increases the amount of oxygen in the brain. Hiking is also said to be a better option for the elderly than running or even cycling, as it’s easier on the joints and muscles. This is also an activity that can be done in a group setting or alone.

Roast some pumpkin seeds and walnuts this fall

Besides the tantalizing smell and wonderful taste of roasted pumpkin seeds, another reason to enjoy them this fall is their contribution to brain health. One of the most important nutrients found in them is the omega-3 fatty acid, which is known to improve memory, and even lower blood pressure. Some of the top supplements for concentration today contain these omega-3 fatty acids, which when taken regularly can even help with symptoms of long-term memory loss. Furthermore, most memory boosting supplements are fat-soluble, which means that taking them with oily nuts actually helps them absorb faster.

Similar to pumpkin seeds, walnuts contain a unique type of omega-3 fatty acids, called DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid, which is known to ameliorate age-related cognitive decline. It mainly impacts the brain’s signaling systems and helps prevent neuron deterioration. A handful of these nuts on a daily basis is sufficient, and you can consume them raw or roasted. It also counts if you consume them through guilty pleasures, like cake or chocolate, or healthier alternatives like salads or smoothies.

Taking care of your brain health in your golden years can be delicious and fun. All it takes is a little determination, the right snacks, and willpower to get those hiking shoes on.