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Essential Facts on Senior Palliative Care

As a result of aging, older adults often experience a variety of illnesses that cause them pain and a great deal of discomfort. A solution to this is what we call palliative care. Read more about the essential fact of palliative care...

Different Types of Senior Care Services at Home

Here is a list of the types of a senior care services that are available in the comfort of your own home...

Different Levels of Hospice Care

Learn about different levels of hospice care and how they can potentially impact your loved one in their time of need...

Hospice Can Help

An understanding of the distinction between curative and palliative care is essential when assessing the proper care of someone who is very ill or someone who has sustained a massive head injury.  If it is believed that the individual can be cured, then measures should be taken to...

How to Choose the Best Hospice for Your Loved One

Every family is unique, and every hospice is different. In the Lowcountry (Charleston) we have have 24 hospice care providers to choose from ...

Important Questions Before Choosing a Hospice Provider

When choosing a hospice for your loved one and family, there are some important questions to ask...

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