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Prescription Pills

The Dangers of Wrongful Medications Among Senior Citizens

Due to the dangers associated with wrongful medications, the American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health in Aging suggests that seniors older than 65 steer clear of a number of medications, including the following...

Old Lonely Man

Four Simple Ways for Seniors to Manage Stress

If you’re getting older and aren’t sure how to manage the curveballs life is throwing at you, read on to learn about four simple ways to effectively manage stress...

Sad Senior Citizen

How to Cheer Up Aging Parents

Are you a family caregiver looking to cheer up your aging mom or dad? Don’t miss this quick guide to easy ways to cheer up your aging parent...

Old Lonely Man

6 Ways Seniors Can Combat Social Isolation

When it comes to staying engaged socially with others, don’t miss these 6 important tips for seniors and their caregivers. In fact, social isolation has been associated with increased risk of rehospitalization, falling, and even early death. ...

5 Stress Relievers for Senior Citizens

Many seniors deal with feelings of stress, frustration, and anxiety on a regular basis.  Luckily, there are many ways to relieve stress in your life and embrace a new enthusiasm...

Characteristics of the Grieving Process

Have you ever lost an loved one? Learn about the symptoms and characteristics of the grieving process...

Can Dogs Help Seniors Suffering From Isolation?

If you or an elderly person you care for feels isolated from the outside world then owning a dog may be a viable option to combat the negative effects of isolation...

Reasons, Signs, and Solutions to Why Seniors Have Stress

Stress can have wear and tear on our bodies.  Learn about the reasons, signs, and solutions to why senior citizens face stress in their lives...

A Brief Description of Anxiety

Watch a short video providing a brief description of the root and causes of anxiety, outlined by Pam Goodfriend, Psychotherapist....


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