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Computer Virus

How Senior Citizens Can Avoid a Computer Virus SCAM!

Computers are a wonderful resource and tool for senior citizens but sometimes this wonderful computer that does so much can be a source of frustration and even fear.  Learn about how senior citizens can avoid a computer virus scam...


WordAgents Review Tools to Help Budding Senior Bloggers

For a senior, blogging can be a fantastic way to spend your time, and with a little guidance or the help of a friend or family member, you can get set up in only a couple hours.  Learn more about blogging here...

Social Media

Four Essential Computer and Social Media Tips for Seniors

If you’re a senior who spends a lot of time on the computer -- or you know someone who does -- these four tips can help you stay safe and have a better user experience...

Senior Technology

Belle Rings Technology Helps to Reduce Loneliness Among Elderly

Based on our experience with the launch and growth of Belle Rings, these are a few major benefits of technology that combats the impacts of loneliness among seniors...

Tablet Device

Why the Tablet is the Best Device for Seniors

Seniors and family members alike are usually confused about what type of electronic device is best for seniors.  Here are 4 reasons we think Tablets are the best...

9 Best Apps for Seniors 2017

From helping track prescriptions and finances to providing easy ways to connect with others and entertain yourself, these 9 apps are a must for you or the beloved senior in your life...

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook for Seniors

Facebook can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with the social network or the advantages to be connected in modern society. For seniors it is important to start with baby steps and get comfortable with the concept and security of Facebook...

Top 7 Emerging Technologies for Seniors

Aside from the basic technology tools necessary to function in modern society, seniors must adapt their habits to meet the communication needs of family and friends with these advanced technologies...

Must Have Technology for Seniors

For the retired and aging population, technology may be overwhelming, therefore we have created a guide for basic technology tools necessary for seniors to communicate in modern society...

9 Great Apps for People with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Here are 9 different apps that have been proven to be helpful for people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's Disease...


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