9 Best Apps for Seniors 2017

We are over halfway through 2017 and it’s easy to see which apps are clear frontrunners for simplifying the lives of seniors. From helping track prescriptions and finances to providing easy ways to connect with others and entertain yourself, these 9 apps are a must for you or the beloved senior in your life:

DarkSky (iOS $3.99, Android Free w/ $2.99 Premium Upgrade)

One of the go-to pieces of information seniors are looking for each day is . . . the weather! While other weather apps can give you general local forecasts, current weather, and inclement weather alerts, DarkSky aggregates hyperlocal forecasts to give you to-the-minute predictions on what weather will be. Get an alert that rain is beginning in 15 minutes, for example, check out up to date radar readings, and even see what the weather for the next 10 days will be.

Pharmacy App (Varies by pharmacy)

Depending on what pharmacy you use, chances are they have an app that could come in handy. The Walgreens app, for example, lets you refill prescriptions with a couple taps or even by scanning the barcode on your prescription bottle with your smartphone. With your pharmacy app, you may also be able to track the status of medicine refills, as well as receive senior discounts and coupons for medical supplies synced to your loyalty card.

Pandora (iOS & Android Free w/ paid in-app upgrades)

Listening to music you love has never been easier! With the Pandora app, you can create a station based on your favorite artist, song, or genre of music. Pandora’s smart algorithms will build a playlist for you off of that selection and let you give a thumbs up or down to the music you prefer. So much simpler than putting the CD player on, or trying to find a good radio station, Pandora auto-plays with the simple tap of opening the app. You can even upgrade for a small monthly fee to a commercial-free version.

The Tile App (iOS & Android, Free)

Tired of losing your phone or keys? A companion to Tile, a small square that you can hook to any item you need to keep track of, the Tile App lets you use any device to locate your important items. In addition to pinpointing in what general area you can find your item, the Tile app will also ring as your proximity to the item(s) gets closer.

Mint (iOS & Android, Free)

Get your finances under control with an all-in-one budget and money tracker called Mint. By securely syncing to your bank accounts and credit cards, Mint will track your income and expenses (by category) as well as help you set monthly budgets, alert you to bills that need to be paid, and give you tips for saving more money.

ItsDeductible (iOS & Android, Free)

Track your charitable contributions with ItsDeductible, from Intuit, the makers of TurboTax. Whether you’re contributing money, volunteering time, or donating goods and items to a nonprofit, you can enter and track what you give with this handy app that records charity name and address, how you paid, date of donation, what you gave, and even the frequency (if you have a recurring monthly donation, for example). Come tax time, this app makes it easy to calculate at a glance your total charitable contributions for potential write-offs.

NPR One (iOS & Android, Free)

The updated NPR One app not only lets you catch up on the latest world news and events via audio broadcast, but offers a plethora of interesting stories, podcasts, and other engaging episodes you won’t want to miss. With an ability to bookmark your favorites, mark stories as interesting, and even let the app know what you want to hear from local news to inspiring stories, NPR One curates a varietal playlist of episodes you won’t want to turn off.

Pillboxie (iOS, $1.99)

Seniors know that one of the most complicated things to do each day is keep track of medicine schedules. Enter Pillboxie! Keep track of what prescriptions you’re taking with dosing and frequency, and set alerts for when it’s time to take pills with the easy-to-use visual interface on Pillboxie. In addition, you can easily send medicine lists to healthcare providers and others via email.

Skype (iOS & Android, Free)

Want to keep in touch with friends and family near and far? For many seniors who have different types of mobile devices, live video chatting isn’t always possible (for example, if you have an iPhone but your granddaughter has an Android, you aren’t able to FaceTime). Skype is an app that works across multiple devices, and on your computer, that allows you to video chat face to face with people near and wide, for free!

Staying connected, staying entertained, and staying healthy has never been easier for seniors than with the digital advancements of easy to use apps! What would you add to the list?  


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