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Dogs in Bed

4 Ways Pets Can Be Therapeutic for Senior Citizens

Pets are wonderful companions that brighten our world and provide joy to life. But did you know they can be therapeutic, as well? Here are 4 ways that pets can be therapeutic for senior citizens...

Seniors and Dogs

Helping Older Relatives Keep Their Pets

Baby boomers represent 37 percent of pet owners in America. What can you do to help support your senior loved one so they can keep their beloved pet at home with them for as long as possible...


10 Benefits of Pets for Older People

As people grow older, their needs change, and they may want to look into getting a pet to make their life a bit easier and happier.  Here are 10 benefits of pets for older people...

German Sheppard

What is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

ESA simply stands for emotional support animal. These animals occupy the role of supporting the mental health of their owners, in a number of ways.  We go into a little more detail here...


Senior Citizens’ Mental Health Can Benefit from Owning A Cat

One in four seniors aged 65 and over have a mental health condition. Research has found that by introducing a pet cat into your home, the clinical symptoms of these conditions will diminish and your mental health will flourish...


10 Reasons Why Pets Are Good for Seniors

When it comes to seniors specifically, the perks of an animal partner can be even more rewarding, as they bring new meaning into your entire existence. Read the following 10 points to find out more...

Robotic Cat Designed to Meet the Emotional Needs of an Elderly Person

The Robotcats from Hasbro is the latest in elderly high-tech technology that makes for an excellent companion for our senior citizens who want a little more in their lives...

Caring for Your Senior Dog

Much like us, older dogs require certain levels of care as they age into their golden years. But do you know how to care for your dog as they age...

Why Seniors Should Adopt Older Dogs

Thinking of adopting a dog?  Here are 8 reasons older dogs are a great fit for senior citizens ...

Can Dogs Help Seniors Suffering From Isolation?

If you or an elderly person you care for feels isolated from the outside world then owning a dog may be a viable option to combat the negative effects of isolation...

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