Training and Obedience

Senior dogs often come with the advantage of training and obedience classes that you’d often have to do for a new puppy or younger dog. Since they have had many years of socializing and living with a family, they may have learned a few simple commands such as sit, stay, and down. All important commands to know as they transition into a home with a senior residence. Beneficially, older dogs are already house trained and it should only take a matter of hours or a day to help them learn the bathroom rules in their new home.

Older Dogs are Calmer

An adult dog has graduated from the rambunctious puppy stage and has established its demeanor and temperament. This will give you a clear idea of how your senior dog will fit into its new surroundings. Since senior dogs are done growing, there’s no concern of them teething on your good shoes or furniture! Many senior dogs do wonderfully with young children as they have a lower energy level and have possibly lived with children in their previous home. But don’t think senior dogs have no energy! They can still run and play but also make excellent snuggle buddies afterward. 

Keep You Healthy and Active

As we grow older, increased activity is a great way to stay healthy. What better way to stay active than by adopting a senior dog! Since they don’t require as much exercise as younger dogs, senior dogs provide the perfect walking companion which keeps you healthy. It’s also been reported that dogs can help you lose weight because they drive you to get out of the house for more physical activity. 

Instant Companionship

Unlike a puppy, which requires hours of training and obedience classes, an older dog is ready to accompany you on a long walk and can already play fetch. An adult dog makes an excellent workout partner, a loyal companion, and a great late night snuggle buddy.  Here is a list of recommended dogs for seniors

Reduce Stress

Stress is an average part of life and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Senior dogs, due to their calmness, make an excellent stress reducer! Studies have shown that interactions with our pets can decrease stress levels.  Dogs can also reduce anxiety, depression, prevent heart disease, and ease loneliness. Simply pet, walk, or love on your pet to help reduce stress in a natural way. 

Feel Useful

Senior dogs rely just as much on us as we do them. By taking care of an older dog we allow ourselves to feel useful again. Owning any pet helps add structure and a routine to our everyday. Since dogs require feeding and exercise schedule, having a consistent routine helps you and your senior pet feel balanced and calm.

Meet New People

Dogs of any age can be a great way to meet new people and avoid isolation! Dog owners frequently socialize while out on walks, in public, or at the dog park. Meeting new people with your senior dog can help create lasting friendships with your neighbors and friends.

Invest in a Life

Many senior dogs spend months, even years, living in shelters due to their age.  By adopting a senior dog, you’re helping give them a new lease on life and yours. 

Article written by Kelly Harrold with Pet Helpers in Charleston, South Carolina