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Moving a Loved One into a Retirement Home: 3 Important Steps to Take

Moving a loved one into a retirement home is never an easy task.  Here are a few steps you can take to help make the move easier for them...

Senior Care

How to Find the Absolute Best Senior Living Accommodation

Deciding that you, or someone you, know needs to move into community with a higher level of care can be a difficult choice.  Here are several important things to consider when looking into senior living accommodations...

The Difference Between Assisted Living Care vs Nursing Homes

It is never easy having to decide whether or not to have a loved one stay at an assisted living care facility or a nursing home.  Learn more about the difference between the two here...

Senior Care

Assisted Living and Memory Care: When is it Time?

How can you tell if assisted living and/or memory care is needed for your elderly loved one?  Here is a list of questions that may indicate a change is appropriate...

5 Reasons a Residential Care Home Is Right For Your Parent

Here are 5 reasons that residential care homes are a great alternative to a larger facility for your elderly loved one...

Deciding on What Senior Housing Option is Right for You

There are so many senior housing types these days that in can be somewhat confusing to find the option that is best for you or a loved one. These are some helpful things to keep in mind when you start looking for a place. ...

What is Respite Care?

The word respite means “break” or “interval”.  This term has a double meaning depending on whether it’s referring to the patient or caregiver...

Top 10 Safety Hazards in Assisted Living Facilities

This article discusses 10 of the most prevalent safety risks to seniors living in residential care facilities ...

5 Assisted Living Red Flags

If you are searching for an assisted living facility for your elderly parent or loved one, here are some warning signs that should not be overlooked....

When Should Assisted Living Be Considered: Perception vs. Reality

Here are 5 common examples of how staying at home is often perceived by senior adults and their families, and offer alternative benefits of assisted living communities....

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