Mother’s Day is a special time of year dedicated to celebrating the remarkable women in your life. If you want to make this year the most memorable mother’s day yet, you are in for a treat! We’ve made it easy by doing all the homework for you, providing organized suggestions and helpful tips in the article below. We even came up with a handful of creative solutions if you live far away from

Say I Love You Through Food

Nothing quite says “I love you” like a home-cooked meal. Whether it’s a fully loaded brunch or a thoughtfully cooked quiet dinner, mom or grandma will love that you took the time to create her favorite meal. Do some homework and find out what she loves. Spend a few days preparing recipes and gathering supplies. And don't forget a dessert or two, especially chocolate! If the meal is for a family gathering, make sure the meal can be easily transported. Decorate each plate with cheerful flowers and add candle lighting for ambiance!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While Mother’s Day is the most popular time of year to buy flowers, we decided to brainstorm more unique gift ideas to think outside the box. Of course, many mommies appreciate a cheerful bouquet, but we believe the following ideas will delight her with your thoughtfulness.  

Create a Hand-Made Gift Basket

Who wouldn’t melt if their loved ones collected their favorite things and assorted them into a customized festive package? Constructing a Mother’s Day Gift Basket is generally more cost-effective than buying a pre-made gift basket. It also has the added benefit of including exactly what mom or grandma likes. Here are some fabulous items that are perfect for Mother’s Day Gift Baskets:

  • Favorite chocolates and sweets
  • A small framed family picture
  • A gift certificate to the spa
  • Candles and incense
  • A new journal with a note on the front page

Create Funny Mother’s Day Gifts

There’s nothing better than having a good laugh with the people you love, especially when reminiscing about collective family memories that were so special. Do you have a hilarious memory of your mom or grandmother? Write it down as a short story on patterned paper and frame it. Or video both of you retelling the story together so you can share and reshare the moment. A scrapbook filled with silly pictures and odd quotes or stories from your childhood will make her smile, laugh, and maybe happy-cry!

Make Mother’s Day Bloom With an Outdoor Gift 

Does your mom or grandma love the outdoors? Stock her garden with flowers to brighten up her outdoor space. If she doesn’t have a yard or lives in an apartment, buy pots from your local hardware or gardening store and plant seasonal flowers. If she has any untidy hedges, trim them up and pull any undesirable weeds from the lawn. You can also take her on a wonderful outdoor trip, such as a Grand Canyon tour or a beach weekend in Mexico, or skiing in Courchevel. You can also add a personalized Mother’s Day garden sign to show her your love. 

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day From Long Distance

Many families live far apart, especially due to COVID. Fortunately, in today’s world of modern technology, communicating digitally has become easier than ever. If you live in a different state or a long distance away from the remarkable women in your life, there is no excuse for not gathering together this Mother’s Day. We recommend assembling family members from all over the world on one video call and even having a fun theme! Imagine inviting everyone to a Mother’s Day tea, getting dressed up, and sharing your favorite stories of Mother’s Day. This will surely brighten up her day and bring a smile and even a tear of joy to her eye.