Retirement is one of those things people often fantasize about. Many spend their entire careers with this specific goal in mind. Gone are the long days and stressful hours. The main goal after retirement is to appreciate life. The only question is… where is the best place to retire?

With the entire world at your fingertips, I know that can be quite a daunting question. Relocating, in general, can create so many questions about cost, family, environment, etc. If you're struggling with any of these factors, you're in luck! This blog can't answer all of those questions, but it can answer the biggest one. More people should, without a doubt, retire in the South, specifically Tennessee, and here's why…


One of the biggest reasons to spend your retirement in the southern United States is its idyllic climate. The South is known for sunshine and warm weather, but as you head further down South, you're likely to melt into a puddle of sweat before you even step outside. Tennessee has that perfect, Goldilocks-ratio without being too hot or too cold. Its mild climate is home to each of the four seasons, and you'll love them all.


Money is going to be a prominent part of the equation when it comes to retirement. Without the same amount of income you've been used to, it's crucial to find a region that will be friendly to your pockets. Because the South is less densely populated than other areas of the United States, the cost of living is much more affordable. Additionally, there is no capital gains tax on retirement income in Tennessee.

Beauty and Activity

It's necessary to stay active in one's retirement years, and Tennessee has the most beautiful scenery to do that in! There are over 50 state parks, including the famed Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The state is well-known for its music culture and is the heart of country music. It's even got the Country Music Hall of Fame! Spend your days leisurely listening to authentically American music while enjoying a truly breathtaking landscape.

The decision on where to retire is a hard one to make, so let me make it easy for you – Tennessee! The list could go on and on, but these are some of the standout reasons as to why. So, what are you waiting for?

Article written by Red Stone Estates in Chattanooga