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Adventure Travel After 65 – What to Consider?

Travel MapThere are over 50 million Americans 65 years and above and they are economically diverse. Although 1 in 10 is living in poverty, the majority are financially stable. Not only are they going to live longer with advances in technology and medicine, but these seniors can also still travel and move on their own. With more time and possibly money on their hands, they can cross off places on their bucket lists and even indulge in adventure travel.

Manage the Health

Older adults of 65 years and above account for 34% of all prescription medication taken and 30% of all over-the-counter medication used according to Medscape. These medications are needed to maintain their health and to manage chronic diseases. Hence, a senior who is on maintenance meds can travel to places provided that a reasonable supply is brought for the duration of the trip. Even those with allergies will encounter few problems if the right medicines are carried including EpiPens if there is an emergency. Your doctor will also give you the clearance to travel when you go for a check-up.

In addition to medications, health insurance coverage is important keeping in mind that most American insurance providers do not cover expenses outside of the US. Hence, it is up to you to top off your health insurance or purchase a supplemental package from another provider. Another way to protect yourself on your trip is to take out a good insurance policy that also includes an emergency medical evacuation or rescue plan in case the unthinkable happens while you are traveling.

Organize a Suitable Trip

Once your medical situation is sorted out, plan a trip well in advance. You can either do it with a travel agent or research online for the best options. As a senior, you have more time and maybe more money to spend so this is an opportunity to go on a vacation at your own pace whether visiting family or spending time in an exotic location.

If you believe you cannot cope with group tours on a hectic schedule whether it's a safari or a trekking activity, consider a tailor-made trip for you and your spouse or a couple of friends. If you are a solo traveler, some tour agencies will also pair you up with another person who shares the same interests (and even physical condition) if you agree to it. It’s best to start with small tours to build your confidence in traveling and once you gain momentum, you can sustain it by exploring more places on your own time and pace. The bottom line is, mature adults, do not have to be confined to their homes or communities at all.


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