When it comes to making decisions, you’re the pro. Every day, you make a number of choices — what to wear, where to go, what to buy — sometimes all at the same time.

But when choices are made outside of your grasp, it's a whole new game. Medical procedures, accidents and sudden health events are just a few of many curveballs life throws at us. And while you are receiving treatment, many decisions will be made by a number of people involved in your care, including where you will go for recovery. Out of convenience, health care professionals often look to a short-list of rehab providers to assist patients with the decision-making process.

But when limited choices are made for you, your unique therapy needs could be overlooked in the process, such as your personal comfort level, individualized care program and proximity to home. Instead, put the power of personalized care in your hands. So when the conversation arises, take the first step by discussing these common and essential short-term therapy needs with your care provider:

• You want a great environment — There is something to be said about recovering in a clean, inviting environment that makes you feel at home. Be sure to stress your need for both comfortable and quality care when discussing rehab options

• You want an experienced staff — Ask your care provider about the therapy team’s years of experience as well as their background in treating your specific rehabilitation needs, such as hip, knee and orthopedic.

• You want the latest technology — State-of-the-art therapy equipment and a rehab gym with a variety of programs can help you meet your recovery goals faster. Promising short-term therapy results can be found in specialized therapy programs, including aquatic and anti-gravity rehabilitation.

• You want to be close to home — A convenient location matters, especially in the event of being unable to drive to therapy appointments or when family members want to visit during your inpatient stay.

• You want expert care — Recent short-term therapy research points to the effectiveness of having a care team that’s headed by a clinical professional, such as an on-site physician.

Your care provider’s recommendations are always worth consideration. However, the most important decision to be made is yours. Because you can’t always choose where life takes you, the right therapy provider is a crucial decision that can lead to a better life moving forward.

With healthy and active adults in mind, this is an article sponsored by Life Care Centers of America and our communities of choice