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Charleston South Carolina boasts a rich history, gorgeous vistas and fine dining. Situated in the heart of the South, it is one of the premier retirement destinations. One of the best options if your are having an older loved one live with you and provide care is to look into the possibility of utilizing an Adult Day Care facility. Often these facilities provide a welcome respite for the caregiver, as well as offering a wide variety of services such as assistance with medication, activities, crafts and companionship. Please take a moment and check out Adult Day Care facilities in Charleston SC area listed below.

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Alice's Clubhouse

Alice’s Clubhouse Memory Care Day Center

Alice's Clubhouse
1156 Bowman Road #105
Mt. Pleasant , SC
Phone: 843-284-8367


As the first medical model day program in the Lowcountry, we provide unrivaled private care for those affected by Alzheimer's/dementia. With a staff of highly trained and experienced memory care professionals leading a cutting-edge and stimulating program, we also offer deliciously balanced meals, a one-stop facility for many of your health care needs. We offer emotional support for both our members and their families. Our cost effective membership provides a welcome peace of mind for all.  

Respite Care of Charleston

Respite Care Charleston

Respite Care Charleston
1605 Harbor View Rd.
Charleston, SC
Phone: 843-647-7405


A nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing MORE. GOOD. DAYS. to those living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, Respite Care Charleston provides social day programs, support groups and outreach at locations throughout Charleston for 20+ years.

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