Mount Pleasant, SC

Alice’s Clubhouse Memory Care Day Center

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As the first medical model day program in the Lowcountry, we provide unrivaled private care for those affected by Alzheimer's/dementia. With a staff of highly trained and experienced memory care professionals leading a cutting-edge and stimulating program, we also offer deliciously balanced meals, a one-stop facility for many of your health care needs. We offer emotional support for both our members and their families. Our cost effective membership provides a welcome peace of mind for all.  

Phone: 843-284-8367


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1156 Bowman Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464-3803


1. Medical Model day care providing daily physical and cognitive health monitoring with a Registered Nurse.

2. Person-centered recreational and multi-sensory program, i.e. exercise, music, pet, art therapies.

3. Dementia trained staff in a cutting-edge dementia designed building.

4. One stop facility offering Rehab, Dental, Beautician, Podiatry, Optometry, Medical.

5. Daily snack, lunches provided by a Registered Dietician. Members will enjoy a desire to eat through a sense of smell, while engaged in fun activities in the kitchen.

6. Collaborate with Universities and Hospitals that promote, care, treat and conduct Alzheimer's research.

7. Offer support to Members and families by serving as a resource guide providing hope and assistance with long-term planning issues, coordination of care and education.

8. Serve as a referral source for transportation, elderly law, home care, other senior providers.

9. Volunteer Program    

10. Focus on the member's strengths, social relationships, communication, individuality, feelings, while recognizing current abilities. Asking our Members to "help us" will make for a positive approach and provide an overall sense that they remain useful to others. 


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