WATCH THE VIDEO above for 3 easy-to-do exercises that every senior over 75 years old should perform weekly to improve balance and stability.  David Jacobs, co-owner of Level 3 Fitness in Denver, CO provides instruction on how these exercises can be done at home and without weights.  To assure safety, use the wall for support.  If you have any medical complications please consult a doctor before performing these exercises.  If you have any doubts or uncertainties that you’re performing these exercises incorrectly, please contact a physical therapist or personal trainer for assistance.

Below is a breakdown of each exercise.  We refer to the follow exercises as three-dimensional exercises because the body works three dimensionally.  We all have a three dimensional body in a three dimensional space:

  • Downward Motion – utilized when picking something up off the floor or bending down to pull a pan out of the oven.
  • Side to Side Motion – utilized when steping out of the way of an object coming towards us such as a bicycle on the road, or maneuvering side to side through a large crowd at a sporting event. 
  • Rotational Motion – utilized when looking behind us when reversing the car of the garage or reaching back to grab something. 


Hip Hinge

With your feet shoulder width apart, bow forward while simultaneously hinging at the hip backwards, then coming back up with your chest up high and extending your hip forward.  You are essentially doing a hip flexion and extension.


Side to Side Sway

With your feet shoulder width apart, begin to wag your body left and right until your hips go slightly outside the edge of your feet.  It is very important to have your eyes focusing on something out in front of you to avoid falling off balance.  


Rotational Hip Twist

With your feet shoulder width apart, and your hands on your hips, begin to twist your hips in a 90 degree motion and so you are head is turned behind you then back in front of you.  Repeat on both sides.  Unlike the side to side sway, rather than trying to fix your eyes on an object, you want to keep your level of vision on one even line in order to avoid dizziness.


These three-dimensional exercises can also be done in a stride stance. Watch Video for Instruction. Seniors need motivation to work out and we hope this video is instrumental to their progress in fitness and overall health. For more information on exercise and nutrition, be sure to visit Active Aging


Special thanks to David Jacobs with Level 3 Fitness in Denver, Colorado.  Video and Article composed by Alex Milzer with Senior Directory.