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Alabama SenioRx Prescription Assistance Program

Not all money saving tips are beneficial. Splitting medications, postponing refills, not taking medications are money saving habits likely to cost you more down the road in terms of health and money.  The high price of medications forces many seniors to make these mistakes.

Fortunately, the Alabama Department of Senior Services and the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services sponsors the SenioRx prescription assistance program, a free program to help eligible individuals receive medications free or at reduced rates. This program assists persons aged 55 years or older and uninsured, persons any age without Medicare and deemed disabled by Social Security, and persons in the “donut hole” of their Medicare drug plans. To be eligible, a single person must have income below $22,340 and two person households must have income below $30,260.

To learn more; call the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services you can call (205) 325-1416 or 1-800- AGE -LINE. Senior case managers will take basic information to check eligibility and pre-fill applications.  Have a list of your medications, name and contact information for your physician ready. Caseworkers will research your medications and identify pharmaceutical programs available to assist you. Eligible persons will receive instructions on the steps to complete your applications. Case managers are available to help you with completing the forms. Most medications are mailed either directly to you or your physician. Case managers assist clients throughout the year to get refills and apply for any new prescription medications.

Agencies and community groups may contact Brian Atkinson at 205-325-5874 to host SeniorRx presentations for your staff or clients.

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Alabama AEgis, Inc. For more information about Alabama AEgis, geriatric case management, call (205) 871-2007.


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