Which pill did I just take? I’m down to the last pill and I’m out of refills! How do I know if mom & dad are taking the right pills at the right time? These may all sound a little too familiar and can be of concern to people of all ages but especially seniors. As we become older, we often find ourselves or loved ones needing more prescription medications. Managing multiple prescriptions can quickly become overwhelming & even dangerous if not handled properly.

Research shows that 30% of all hospital admissions age 65+ are directly caused by missed doses or overdoses of medication. Forty percent of them end up in a nursing home because they are unable to manage their own medications. Four common drugs were responsible for these types of hospitalizations: blood thinners, insulin, antiplatelet drugs, & oral diabetes medications. About 125,000 Americans with treatable ailments die each year because they do not take their medication correctly. Physicians advise that better prescription management is the key to reducing these hospitalizations.

Today, select pharmacies offer personalized medication management and prescription delivery programs to help you overcome these challenges. These programs will pre-sort your pills by time of day (morning, lunch, & night) and dosage based on your doctor’s orders. These personalized “pill packets” solve two concerns: 1) whether you’ve taken your pills, and 2) if you’ve taken the right medication at the right time. These pharmacies will synchronize your prescriptions to be due on the same day and will automatically contact your doctor when out of refills. This relieves many of the dangers mentioned above and can help you manage your prescriptions & remain in your home. Wondering what it costs? Most of these programs are covered by your current prescription drug plan or Medicare Part D and will even include free delivery at your door. If you or a loved one are struggling with managing your medications, find a local program and take charge of your health today!

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