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OsteoStrong of Farragut

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OsteoStrong™ works for people of all ages and all levels of activity to promote skeletal strength which impacts the entire body using a process known as osteogenic loading. A certified Osteogenic Technician monitors your session to help you safely achieve your goals. Once a week sessions are quick, sweat-free, painless, and results are measurable.


OsteoStrong of Farragut

11110 Kingston Pike , Suite 125
Knoxville, TN 37934

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OsteoStrong™ offers a comprehensive program that will improve your balance to prevent falls, stimulate osteogenesis to increase bone density and trigger myofibril growth to increase muscle density.  Bones and muscles function as a unit, therefore loss of either is correlated. (1)    The Surgeon General (2) * recommends osteogenic loading (along the axis of the bone) which addresses both issues and is therefore quite effective. 
During osteogenic loading, joints become compressed in optimized positions for absorbing force without damaging the joint.  The joint capsule, tendons and ligaments through the musculoskeletal system thicken and increase in strength to better protect the joint (3). This can have the potential of diminishing the pain in joints and can contribute to increased mobility and quality of life. With these levels of osteogenic loads there have also been indications of improvements in cartilage quality that can aid in reduction of osteoarthritic pain (4). 
1. Fernández C, et al. (2016) High Prevalence of Sarcopenia in Women with Osteoporotic Fractures. J Osteopor Phys Act 4:181. doi:10.4172/2329-9509.1000181
2. “The largest safe levels of axial-mechanical loading* which approach or match the levels provided by impact (minimal 4.2 MBW) are the most effective for both building and maintaining bone mass density.” 
~US Surgeon General Report 2004
3. Benjamin, M. & Ralphs, J. (1998). Fibro cartilage in tendons. Journal of Anatomy. 9:481–494.
4. Koli, J., et al. (2015). Effect of Exercise on Patellar Cartilage in Women with Mild Knee Osteoarthritis. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.


• Improved Bone Density
• Improved Muscle Density
• Improved Posture
• Improved Balance
• Less Joint and Back Pain
• Reduction in  A1C marker / Type 2 Diabetes

My name is Dee Matchett. As a volunteer and certified peer educator for American Bone Health ™  my goal is to inform clients at OsteoStrong ™  of Farragut on their options for improving bone density.  American Bone Health is the educational arm of FORE ™  , the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education.  
I am available for presentations to any community group interested in learning about bone health or to health practitioners seeking more detailed information. Depending on the venue, we are usually able to offer free bone density screenings as well.  Please call 423-839-6600 to book a presentation.
In weekly 15 minutes sessions,    Osteostrong ™ offers a safe way to load the bone using proper positioning and body mechanics at the levels required to trigger bone growth without the impact that jumping or strength training would require and that can result in joint damage.Come dressed as you are. There is no need for special clothing, other than wearing a flat shoe.  American Bone Health recommends working…”with a professional on any activity that will add load to your bones. You want to use proper form and body mechanics that will protect your spine.” (1)  The Osteogenic Technicians at OsteoStrong ™  of Farragut can provide that supervision.  
Because osteogenic loading addresses both sarcopenia and osteopenia, significant improvement in bone density is often seen,(2,3) making it a useful modality in conjunction with or without medications that slow the bone remodeling process.  A proprietary protocol combining two non-invasive technologies: the patented OsteoStrong® Spectrum 2 System invented by bio-mechanical engineer, Dr. John Jaquish and VIBEPLATE®, provides  a biomechanically efficient system that improves strength and bone mineral density (BMD) through maximum intensity, short duration neuro-musculoskeletal stimulation (NMS). The equipment precisely measures, tabulates and records user force output via a patented load cell/software interface.
Due to muscle density increasese, participants with Type 2 Diabetes often experience a reduction in A1C (blood glucose marker). (4) Those who find it difficult to maintain a regular exercise  program or who cannot perform the level of exercise required to reduce A1C, may find that osteogenic loading is a viable alternative.
Please call or drop in to schedule a FREE consultation/2 free sessions at OsteoStrong™ of Farragut.  Your consultation includes a free Quantitative Ultrasound Achilles bone density screening.  The results include a Stiffness Index and Achilles T-score to assess fracture risk. You will receive a print out to share with your medical care provider. Your consultation also includes a balance test using Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) to assess fall risk. This is all valuable information that helps us provide an individualized program for you. 
2. Jaquish, J. (2013). Multiple-of-bodyweight axial bone loading using novel exercise intervention with and without bisphosphonate use for osteogenic adaptation. Osteoporosis International. 198; 24(4), s594-s595. 
3. Huck, C. & Jaquish, J. (2015). Functional bone performance measurements and adaptations using novel self-applied bone- loading exercise apparatus. Osteoporosis International. 26(1),s391-s392,NS12.
4. Hunte, B., & Jaquish, J. (2015). The Effects of Axial Bone Osteogenic Loading-Type Resistance Exercise on Adults with Risk of Moderate-Metabolic Dysfunction: A Pilot Study. Journal of Diabetes Metabolism, 6(539), 2.


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