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What is Short Term Rehab or Post Acute Rehab?

Short-term rehabilitation is also known as post-acute rehab.  Short-term rehab is often required after an accident, illness, or surgery, and usually takes place at a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation facility.  Post acute care is usually overseen by physical therapists, physicians, nutritionists, and nurses to develop an individualized care plan for the injured senior.  Post acute rehab will not start until the patient is discharged from the hospital and the goal is to get the senior back in their home as smoothly as possible.  Care that does not qualify as skilled care will not be covered by Medicare, so be aware of that for when the senior does return home.  Short-term rehab can be as long as a few days up to 100 days, which is the cutoff date for when Medicare will cover in most states.

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Three Main Types of Post-Acute Rehab




This list is in no way comprehensive, but is here to give a senior or caregiver a general idea of what forms of therapy there are as well as some of their basic goals.

Services Provided

These services are provided under Medicare:

Cost of Short-Term Rehab

Days 1 through 20- $0
Days 21 through 100- $161 per day
Days 100+- all costs

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