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What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

Continuum of care allows seniors to transition through different levels of care while remaining at the same facility or campus, often times at a discounted price.  Continuum of care is also referred to as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or lifetime communities.  Campuses that offer continuum of care usually provide services in each of the following fields:

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Services Provided By CCRC's 

Many seniors are interested in and use continuum of care because it offers the senior the assurance that they will be taken care of well even if their health were to deteriorate.  As a senior ages or their health changes, they are able to move easily through the different levels of care that is provided.  As well as the different levels of care, continuum of care campuses also provided seniors with:

Some services do offer home care, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and hospice care.  Each provider of care is different, and different states have different laws, so be sure to look in your area to find out exactly what continuum of care will provide for you or a senior you love.  Living spaces can include cottages, houses, townhouses or apartments depending on the community.

What are the Different Levels in the Continuum of Care

Some people like to think of continuum of care in different phases.  This breaks the level of care into three different phases; early, middle, and late stages.

Lowest Level of Care

Middle Level of Care

Highest Level of Care

Cost of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Every continuum of care community has different costs, but most of them start with a contract, an entrance fee, and then a monthly maintenance bill.  Some communities have an entrance fee as low as $20,000, but some can be as expensive as $500,000.  Just as the entrance fee is variable, so is the monthly bill.  Some can be as low as a couple of a hundred a month, and some are a couple of thousand.  Expect the monthly rate to increase 3-5% every year.

Here is a checklist of everything that should be included in the contract:

Every contract should be reviewed by an elder law attorney before it is signed.  Most communities are honest, but entering a continuum of care community is a big commitment that is not cheap.  It is better safe than sorry.

3 Contract Schedule Options

Questions and Concerns

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