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What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance, and a form of lottery. The game is usually played with 75 balls. The balls are numbered and dropped into a Cage. After being shaken up and randomized, a Caller will remove one and call out its number. Players then mark that number off their Cards, wherever they have it. Bingo Grids are always 5 cells by 5 cells, and each Card typically has 3 Grids. The center Cell is usually marked as a Free Space. Players can buy as many Cards as they want. Players win when one of their Grids has 5 cells marked off in a row, and that player calls out "BINGO." Bingo is played in a variety of different ways, with specific designs to signify a BINGO.  Some games will be won by the player with a straight line of cells marked out, while other games will be won by the player with the border of a Grid marked off. Each game typically has 2 winners: One for marking out that game's design, and the other for completely marking off one of their Grids (known as a Black Out). Daubers are used to mark off numbers as they are called. Daubers have a similar design to colored markers, and they are the most efficient way to mark off numbers (although players may mark off numbers however they want). Bingo is played in many venues: Commercial Bingo Halls, Churches, Senior Centers, and even Online.

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Bingo is a game for the Young and Old, alike. It teaches about numbers and sportsmanship to the young, and has cognitive and psychological benefits for the old. It is important for seniors to keep their brains sharp, as mental capacity diminishes with disuse. Bingo Halls also help seniors socialize, which is necessary for continued feelings of self-worth and productivity. In addition to satisfying their communal needs, Bingo can also bring about pleasure. Gambling often creates thrill and excitement, and as we get older we sometimes lose track of how important those feeling are. Although business is booming for Online Bingo, we recommend playing the old fashioned way. We think it is the social and communal benefits that make Bingo Halls so advantageous to seniors.

Bingo is a form of gambling, and is therefore subject to different laws in different places. Although you can surely play Bingo in any state, the rules and rewards may vary. Commercial Bingo Halls offer other games in addition to Bingo. These games can be purchased for a few dollars, and played while you wait for Bingo to start. There are usually food stands, but it is also okay to quietly eat something small from home. Small Bingo Hall winnings range from about $50 to several hundred dollars. The cost of individual Cards and Daubers are about $5-10. Daubers may also be bought at many craft stores. Lots of Bingo games benefit charity as well, so do not be surprised if you find yourself giving to a good cause at the same time you are having such a fun time. Most states have smoking bans now, so do not let health concerns keep you away.  Bingo Halls are bright and less dingy than they were in the past. Bingo culture has its own lingo, but do not let this jargon keep you away either. It is pretty easy to pick up, and it is always okay to ask the neighbor at your table for help. Women heavily outnumber men at Bingo Halls. So fellas, start playing Bingo! Remember, Bingo is gambling, and gambling is not for everyone. It is not for someone struggling with gambling addiction. Notwithstanding, Bingo is a fantastic game. Its cognitive and social benefits for seniors make Bingo well worth the effort. Check out your local Bingo Hall!

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