Six Factors That Can Indicate You Have Cataracts

Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the U.S.  By age 65 most people have some degree of cataract development.  A cataract is the gradual clouding of the natural, internal lens of the eye. This prevents light from passing clearly through the lens, causing some loss of vision.  Listed below are six factors that can indicate cataracts are developing in your eyes:

1. Intense reaction to glare, especially at night

2. Blurred distance vision.  Example: trouble reading news ticker on the bottom of the TV screen

3. Trouble reading up close

4. Color vision is affected.  Blues and purples appear too dark.  Whites appear creamy or beige.

5. Needing more light than usual to read

6. Nearsightedness increases quickly, causing the need to change glasses frequently.

Over an extended period of time, cataracts can cause blindness.  To determine if you have cataracts, schedule an appointment with an optometrist for a cataract evaluation exam.

Article written by Scottsdale Eye Physicians & Surgeons in Phoenix, Arizona. 


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