Senior Healthcare BusinessesMore and more senior citizens are choosing age in the comfort of their own home rather than in a senior living community. Naturally, entrepreneurs will see this as a huge business opportunity – both to help improve the lives of our beloved seniors, and to make a good income. Here are 4 unique business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to help senior citizens.

Transportation and Concierge Services

What is usually seen as a taxi for elders is actually much more than just that! It’s true that the service you will be offering is quite similar to a taxi, but you will be a private contractor and not a member of a certain driving fleet. Moreover, your tasks will vary from senior to senior, making a senior transportation service not as dull as a taxi business, but rather a daily adventure for you and the senior.

You can nearly double the number of billable hours by also offering concierge services to seniors, as well.  Here you are given the opportunity to provide them in-home non-medical services. Such a service is limited only by your imagination, as you could provide seniors with dry cleaning, beauty services, domestic help, mobile vets, and so on.

Adult Day Care

Since most seniors are retired, they are constantly looking for ways to spend their free time.  Consequently, a successful adult day care center is a great way to help seniors occupy their free time while also turning a nice profit.  Most adult day centers offer entertainment, meals, and classes.  However, to make your center unique, you could also offer long-term planning services such as retirement saving, estate planning, etc.

Technology Training

Seniors and technology… sounds crazy!  Nope, not the case anymore, as more and more seniors are using the internet.  The online environment is now seen as a refuge for most people, especially for isolated and lonely seniors. One-on-one computer coaching is a great way to help seniors learn to use technology, while also turning a nice little profit – especially if you are a tech enthusiast.

Senior Move Manager

As a senior move manager, you’ll be given a variety of tasks. You will have to hire movers that would both pack and unpack belongings, take care of the repairs needed to the senior’s previous or current home, and connect with real estate agents in order to take care of the sale of the home that the senior is going to move out from.  It is not an easy thing to do, as you’ll have plenty of responsibilities – but, as a business idea, it is good for both the owner and for the senior that will rely on it.