SexWithout a doubt, life in the bedroom changes after 50, given the normal aging process and its consequences. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to sustain your sex life in a healthy and safe manner. Tackling the physical and psychological problems that may affect your sex life is vital to enjoy its benefits such as lower stress, improved moods, and enhanced physical and mental wellbeing.

Physical Changes After 50 Among Men

As you age, your body undergoes physical changes. Your hair becomes thinner and the skin loses its elasticity. In addition, you will experience changes in sight and hearing, weight, sleep patterns, brain, and heart functions. Muscle function also declines contributing to bladder control problems.

Libido also changes due to different reasons. One is low testosterone levels that decrease as you become older. Chronic medical conditions may also interfere with sex including chronic pain, arthritis, obesity, and neurological issues. Certain medications such as those prescribed for hypertension or depression also affect the desire for sex, arousal, and pleasure in men. Sexual dysfunction is not uncommon with ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems prevalent.

Psychological Issues and Relationships

Moreover, psychological conditions also play a role in the inability of older adults and seniors to improve their sexual life. As the physical symptoms of aging sets in, depression may occur. Melancholy can also be attributed to the side effects of medication.

The breakdown of relationships whether through divorce, separation, or death of a partner/spouse can result as well to depression and despair. Money problems, poor health, and an uncertain future cause anxiety that in turn impacts sexual life.

Ways to Keep the Flame Burning

The benefits of sex though cannot be overlooked and for older adults, there are many advantages to sustain bedroom activity. Sex can assist in relieving pain, helps you sleep better after an ejaculation, and can even prevent prostate cancer. Sex also enhances intimacy between partners and can make you happier increasing overall wellbeing. It also reduces stress due to the release of oxytocin and endorphins.

Revving up your sexual life after 50 is possible even if you have physical and psychological limitations. Discuss your issues with your primary physician and explore possible treatments for sexual problems. You might be referred for counselling and a therapist can help you overcome psychological problems. Consider prescription medications and testosterone replacement therapy that can enhance your sexual drive or correct erectile dysfunction.

It is also important to keep your weight at healthy levels, exercise regularly, and eat well-balanced meals. Talking openly about your sex life with your partner is beneficial so that you can meet each other’s expectations. 

Safe Sex for Senior Males

It’s worth noting that although sex benefits mature adults, it is equally important to practice it safely. The CDC stated that the infection rate for sexually-transmitted diseases among Americans 45 years and above has increased by 20% between 2015 and 2016. Patients over 60 also constituted the largest increase of treatments for STDs.

Absence of fear of pregnancy, unwillingness to talk to doctors about their intimate life, multiple partners and failure to use condoms contribute to the increase of infections. Hence, it is imperative to educate seniors of the benefits of using barrier methods and to get tested for STDs regularly to prevent the catastrophic consequences of these diseases.

A satisfying sex life after 50 is possible by addressing physical and psychological problems. It is also critical to keep in mind that safe sex applies to everyone whether you’re 20 or 60.