There are many benefits for our aging Veteran and Dependent population that are unknown to the public.  Unfortunately, you don’t get a ‘magic’ book with instructions and details on how to enroll in these benefits, so if you are a veteran make sure to ask about your benefits!  These services are geared to help seniors and their families who have served this country, and can help with a wide variety of issues that seniors may be facing.

For example, the VA offers “Aid & Attendance” to supplement the cost of Long Term Care (LTC) in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living for veterans and their spouses.  There are also programs centered on healthcare at home, including “HISA Grant” for home improvements and family caregiver compensation.  It is important to plan ahead, talk to your family, County Veteran Service Officer, or an elder care advisor. You need to be proactive to find out what benefits you’re entitled to and how to to go abpout receiving them. Ask about your benefits! 

Editor’s Note: Article submitted by Tennessee State Veterans’ Home