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Senior Housing

Active 55+ Retirement Communities

From the outside, these communities look like any other neighborhood. Until you look closely, and realize almost all the residents are over 55 years old. Living in a community like this can be incredibly refreshing after living amongst the hustle and bustle of young people.

Alzheimer's and Memory Care Communities

Memory care units provide your loved ones with the specialized treatment and security they need. There is no cure for dementia, but the individualized programs in these facilities promote maximum memory retention. These units are also "secure," which means they have door locks to keep the residents present and safe from wandering off.

Assisted Living Communities

An assisted living facility is a residency where help is provided for cooking and cleaning. Residents engage in numerous activities, both planned and independently. These provide good homes for MOSTLY independent seniors, who are just past the brink of being able to fully take care of themselves.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Also known by their acronym CCRC's, continuing care retirement communities offer multiple levels of care. This allows residents to move into different subdivisions of the same facility, should their conditions change. Residents will still see many of the same faces as before, and moving around in a CCRC creates a lot less paperwork than moving to a completely different retirement community.

Housing Information Specialist

Finding the right living community for your loved one is a daunting task. This is usually exacerbated by the urgency of an unexpected fall or stroke, which prevents return to life as it was. Housing specialists are great people to contact in this situation. They are well connected with the aging community, and have been attending events and open houses at assisted living facilities for years. They can help find the right place, at the right price.

Independent Living

Independent living facilities are retirement homes with a minimum amount of care provided by the staff. Residents are usually in charge of their own cooking and cleaning, and there may not be any specialized staff on duty. Independent living puts a safety net around everyday life, but still puts seniors in an environment that helps them thrive. Some independent living residencies are mortgage-able, and are more like owning a townhome.

Personal Care Homes

These homes are situated in normal neighborhoods, and look like normal houses from the outside. Group homes are specially modified on the inside to allow a handful of seniors and a caretaker to live together. It's similar to living with roommates, like in your younger days, except now there's staff to provide for you.

Respite Care at Facility

A "respite" is a short period of relief, and that's just what these facilities offer caretakers. These places offer temporary relief for the caretakers from their supportive roles. This frees them up for taking care of business, visiting friends, or what not. Being a caretaker is demanding, and often times caretakers feel like their whole life has become enveloped in their new caregiving role. This type of respite care is typically offered at retirement homes, because they are already setup to take care of their own residents.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Surgery is only the beginning of the healing process. A lot of physical work has to be done by the patient afterward to ensure success. Most doctors write scripts for their patients to get physical therapy once or twice a week, until the muscles have sufficiently built up around the serviced area.

Skilled Nursing Homes

These residencies offer an added level of care to that provided by other retirement homes. Medical staff is readily available to assist your loved ones who suffer chronic illnesses, and are there in case of sudden emergencies.

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