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What Are Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Independence is an American ideal.  So when injury or medical condition leaves you with a mobility issue adapting your life to maintain your independence intuitively becomes a top priority.  

Thresholds are by far the most common barrier to overcome for the mobility impaired.  Threshold Wheelchair Ramps are a good solution to this problem.  Threshold ramps are designed for door thresholds, single steps, raised floors and other transitions up to 8”.  

Rubber models are ADA compliant and can look like a conventional heavy duty door mat while eliminating the barrier a low threshold can present.  Aluminum threshold wheelchair ramps are adjustable for a perfect fit, freestanding up to 8” high and are great for interior and exterior applications.  Suitcase ramps are ideal if you need to take the ramp with you.  They are lightweight and collapsable yet can still hold a sustained weight up to 800lbs.

Wondering what type of ramp is right for you?  Measure the rise.  Consider a rubber model up to 2”, look at adjustable aluminum ramps for a rise between 1” and 8”.  For a rise greater than 8” consider a more full featured ramp solution.

You can demo a full range of ramp solutions at the Amramp Showroom located at 5703 Essen Lane, Suite 5, Baton Rouge LA 70810.  Hours are 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Walk-Ins are welcome or you may call to make an appointment at 225-819-3250.


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