Senior Citizen WeddingWhen we envision a bride and groom, the usual image is that of a youngish couple. That might not be wholly accurate anymore, with many mid-lifers and even senior citizens walking down the aisle for the first, second, third, or even the fourth time. There’s no reason why people past the 40s can’t find a new life partner, so we have to start thinking in those terms!

Do you have a senior wedding coming up—either yours or a relative’s? If so, you’d love to know about these interesting yet practical wedding trends for senior citizen couples.

1. Choosing Wedding Registries

You may not need a lot of things, but that’s no reason not to register for wedding gifts. Your friends and family would like to know what they should give you on your big day, so you can easily help them out with these alternative wedding registry ideas. If you’re a travel enthusiast, it’s the perfect way to tell the wedding guests about your preferred honeymoon destinations so they can contribute money for your honeymoon as a special wedding gift.

2. Wearing White

Many first-time brides are donning colors on their big day. This means that there is no hard-and-fast rule about wearing colors regardless of the age bracket you’re in. You can get to wear white no matter how many times you've walked down the aisle before. That’s why you should feel free to visit Azazie for the whitest gown you can pull off.

You can also opt to wear a white gown for the ceremony, and then don a more comfortable dress for the rest of the event. Remember that it’s all about staying true to your own self, and you’re likely to have more fun. Besides, you can hire a personal stylist who can guide you about the accessories that will look pretty with that elegant bridal dress.

3. Going Large When Deciding the Venue

Once you reach middle age and beyond, you have several groups of friends and acquaintances. There are your school buddies, your college group, your various neighbors, relatives, your own offspring, and so forth. You obviously want most of them on the wedding day to celebrate your happiness, so you shouldn’t limit the number of wedding invitations. Growing older also means that you likely have some savings set aside. You can use those for booking a larger venue so you can invite all your loved ones.

4. Deciding Whether to Consider or Ignore Past Relationships

Inviting ex-spouses is still a dilemma for senior couples and this trend is expected to continue because of the sensitivity involved. That’s why it’s something that you need to figure out on your own. Everyone will have their own opinion, but it’s your day (and your future better half’s). Therefore, it’s wise to leave the past behind by not inviting your ex-spouse. But if you feel appropriate, you can ask the opinion of your future spouse and decide accordingly.

Whether you invite your ex or not, there’s no need to refer to past relationships in your wedding vows or speeches. Focus on what’s going on right now, instead of bringing up past troubles.

5. Using Technology for The Elderly

Senior couples do have destination weddings, but they use technology to let the elderly guests enjoy the celebration who might not be physically present at the event. If you’re planning to get married in another country or state, set up a way for your parents (if they’re around) or friends to view the party even if they can’t attend. This way, you wouldn’t have to compromise on your wishes and they can feel like a part of your most important events. When you return, you can have a small celebration for those left behind.