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Staying Active and Engaged During Spring For Seniors

Staying active and engaged is important to for our mental and physical health. There are a lot of ways to seniors can stay active and engaged during spring. Here are some of the top ways...

Spring Decorating

Spring is a good time to get organized, clearing out some clutter and creating room for what the rest of the year may bring. When you make a move to a community like Wellington at Hershey’s Mill, you leave behind the chores of home maintenance, giving you time to focus on what matters; for many people, that’s seasonal decorating and organizing.

Nature Walks

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful weather is with a nature walk. Fresh air and sunshine may be just what the doctor ordered! To get some exercise and spend some much-needed time outside, consider visiting a park or take a walk on a walking trail.


Spring is the perfect time to brush up on your swing. If you’re a golfer, you’ll find public and private courses in the area where you can enjoy a round of golf with friends.


A leisurely picnic provides a means for enjoying the weather and great company. Why not take the opportunity to invite a few friends and family members, grab some chairs and head out to a beautiful spot to revel in the sunshine? To minimize effort and planning, make it a potluck and ask everyone to bring a fresh, seasonal dish to share. If you have young friends or grandchildren in tow, you can boost the fun quotient by flying kites, blowing bubbles or playing a game of croquet or catch.


For those with a green thumb, spring is the signal to start planting. The change of season provides the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather as you start your garden. In no time, you can enjoy the fruits – and flowers and vegetables – of your labor and share your bounty with friends and neighbors.

Feeding the Birds

Feeding the many species can be a fun activity, either alone or with friends and family. If you have a pond or lake nearby, consider bringing along some lettuce, corn or peas to feed the ducks; contrary to popular belief, bread isn’t good for them. You can also take the opportunity to put up a feeder near a window and enjoy watching the birds stop by for treats.

Visiting Local Farmers’ Markets

If you love fresh produce but prefer not growing your own, consider visiting some of the farmers’ markets. As the temperatures rise, you can while away the day by browsing for local wares, including colorful fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, artisan breads and cheeses, handmade crafts and more.

Article written by Wellington at Hershey’s Mill.  Start “living well at Wellington” today and enjoy the season.


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