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Functional Medicine Offers New Hope

Today, 2 out of 3 baby boomers suffers from a chronic illness and 9 out of 10 say their health is not excellent. We are in the middle of a huge healthcare crisis and our nation is getting sicker. Sometimes we just accept it and think that it can’t change.

When ill, we are quickly labeled with diseases simply based on the symptoms we feel. We are medicated only to mask the symptoms, avoiding the root causes & often making the underlying issues even worse. As physicians, it is easy to blame the symptoms on age, heredity, or weight. In reality, there are very specific reasons for the symptoms that should be investigated and addressed.

For example, five years ago, Mary didn’t have high blood pressure. Today, her blood pressure is out of control despite taking two medications at max doses. Instead of starting on a third medication, shouldn’t we ask what happened with her body that it can’t control the blood pressure now?

Science is at a point in which we can guide the body back into healing mode. This new kind of medicine, called Functional Medicine, focuses on addressing the root of illness. By understanding how all of our organs interact, looking beyond the traditional testing, checking nutritional deficiencies inside our cells, repairing our gut, optimizing our brain function, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, re-learning what to eat, minimizing stress, etc., we can gain back our control.

Regardless of your age, your quality of life can be dramatically improved. We all want to enjoy life, have energy, sleep well, and be in control of our health. We don’t want to burden our loved ones and getting healthier is the best way to prevent that. By investigating further, we physicians can better understand what is truly going on with our patient and what to do about it. Being healthy again is easier than you think. “Make the Rest of your Life… the Best of your Life”

Editor’s Note: Special thanks for Dr. José Oscar Seda M.D., Diplomate of the ABFM and ABAARM, Medical Director at Vital Life Wellness Center & Co-Founder of Peak Transformation Wellness Programs. To learn more visit or call 210-488-8841. 


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