InflammationInflammation is difficult for anyone, but it hits seniors especially hard. For those 55+, inflammation can be much more difficult to get through than younger individuals, even when it’s just a passing issue. Sure, dealing with temporary inflammation is much better than dealing with chronic issues, but it’s still incredibly frustrating, and for some people, it can be damaging to their mental health and social life. CBD may be able to help with that temporary inflammation. As a senior, you may not have heard about the new CBD buzz, and may not know that it can even help with your issues. With this guide, you’ll be ready to use it for the occasional flare-up that’s just too hard to simply ignore.

What Is Temporary Inflammation?

Many people experience temporary inflammation when they sprain a joint, or exercise too much. In fact, you can experience temporary inflammation in a number of ways and for a number of reasons. When you’re elderly, it’s more likely that your joints will be worn down a bit more, and that often manifests itself in inflammation from injuries when you don’t even feel like you’ve exerted yourself much.

You don’t have to have arthritis or a similar type of confirmed illness in order to have inflammation. It’s far more likely that you just have episodes of inflammation every so often, but never to the point where you’ve needed medication to help. Instead of just trying to suffer through it, you can try CBD.

How Does CBD Help Inflammation?

It’s likely that CBD can help soothe inflammation due to injuries, even when that injury was mild enough that you didn’t have any other side effects. Cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents and they exert their effects through induction of apoptosis, inhibition of cell proliferation, suppression of cytokine production and induction of T-regulatory cells.

On top of that, CBD can even help you maintain a feeling of calm and focus, which will improve other parts of your life. Not only can CBD help in the short term, but it can help in the long term; if you have other issues relating to your age, a calm mind makes it easier for you to deal with them. When you use CBD for your inflammation issues, you’re also taking care of your mind and body down the road.

How Can I Take CBD?

There are many ways you can take CBD, and they have different effects on your body. Most of the time, you can take CBD either orally or topically.

Oral options for CBD include CBD oil and CBD gummies. CBD gummies are a good option for people who want to use CBD regularly, but don’t need a substantial amount every day. Oil is great if you’re looking for a more controllable option that you can tailor exactly to how much you need. When you take either of these, you usually want to start with a very low dose; oil should be taken starting with only a few drops, and gummies should only start with one. Although oral options are largely for controlling mental health, they may be helpful if you want to lower your potential for inflammation.

Topically, you can usually use CBD creams and balms. These CBD-infused options are just as powerful, but target specific areas, and tend to be more widely used for acute inflammation. Another option is CBD baths. Although bath bombs are available, you can actually make your own. Just add a few drops of essential oils and about a dropperful of CBD oil into a normal warm bath, then soak in it for at least half an hour. You can add Epsom salts if you find them helpful. If you’re currently having an inflammation attack, topical options may work better for you, and can be combined with oral options for even better results.

Will CBD Actually Help?

As with any supplement, some people simply don’t react to CBD. Other times, it may take you a while before you find the right dose, so it may take multiple weeks to start feeling the effects. Either way, it’s often a good idea to start as soon as possible, so you can get to that point. CBD can also be combined with other supplements, which can help you find a way to control your inflammation even more easily.