I am now a woman of 64 years old.  I have always been very healthy all of my life.  That is until 2005.  I had a ruptured brain aneurism.  The doctors never thought I was going to survive.  I was in the hospital for weeks and then went through a year-long recovery.  I did, in fact, survive.  In August of this year, I had another medical event.  I had a cardiac arrest event, and I have NO heart problems.  And, again, my family was told that I wouldn’t survive, and if I did, I would have some very profound mental challenges.  And, again, I did survive and with NO mental challenges.  I don’t know why I have been so blessed, but I have been. 

If you don’t learn anything from those types of blessings, then the blessing was wasted.  I have learned what I believe to be the most important thing.  Don’t waste time or energy on the “small” issues that life serves to us.  MOST things that we worry about mean absolutely nothing – in the scheme of life, what other people think about us, how we look, how much money we make – none of that matters.  We make our lives much more complicated than they have to be.

The only thing that matters is HOW we have lived our life.  I have learned that the best way to measure of ourselves is simply, how kind we have been to others.  I believe it is that simple.  If our world would focus on JUST THAT – our world be a very different place.  If we commit to live our lives being TRUE to ourselves FIRST, focusing on others becomes very, very easy.  That is where the blessing comes from. 

My “events” have taught me a great deal.  And, thankfully, I am going to have enough time left, to put into everyday practice.  Another profound blessing!!

Editor’s Note: Article submitted by Melissa Faulkner with Integrity Mortgage Group.